What thought of pain does rise inside?

A bleeding heart speaking thorns of violence

A smoking corpse poisoning your thoguhts

lBreathe in sweet smoke -- breathe out the pain

Roll over to die just to wake again

Is there ever an end?


Spit the bullets been thrown your way

No hidden meaning - mean what you say

You breathe your death... avoid your life

Feed the sin and starve the apin

Red rivulets run down your legs

To pool beneath you

Providing you with a reflection

That you do not wish to see

Dash away your image

And run from out of sight

(as if that's going to help)

Close your eyes to rest in peace

Only to be blinded by the light of day

It doesn't matter what shivers within you

What talent you hide from prying eyes

When it wants so badly

Only to be seen

But no one would ever guess

No one wants to see you

No one wants to see what you can do

It's not a fad to feel the pain

It's a fad only when you take it

Why do they understand nothing?

No reason. No sense. No inspiration.

"They" who? "They" them!

"They" everyone!

Does it really matter who?!

But who cares anyway, huh?

Your here. Alone in your mind.

How do you reach out

From something you cannot escape?