The Seven Treasures of Arginail

An elf walked through Forest Deintol on a cold, windy morning. The elf wore a black cloak, with the hood pulled up. He also wore a green tunic, fire red pants, and brown leather pants. He had blonde hair, and emerald green eyes. The cold wind bit his face. The elf was named Jule. He walked through the forest heading towards the mountains. He was keeping an eye out for stray orcs. The only weapon he had was an old rusty dagger, which had runes engraved on the hilt. He was almost to the mountains when he heard a loud noise. He knew that sound anywhere. It was a troll. He rounded the corner with his dagger in front of him. He then saw the troll. The troll was 12 feet high, had large curved claws, and wore thin grey rags. He also saw the female mage who was attempting to ward it off with small fireballs. She wore a blue robe, a black armoured skirt, and a pair of orange boots. Jule rushed over to the mage. He also knew a bit of magic but not much. He sent a blast of ice at the troll. The troll cried out and swiped at Jule. Jule sidestepped the troll and climbed up his arm. Trolls were quite dumb. The troll forgot about Jule and went after the mage. Jule sent another blast of ice at the back of the troll's head and plunged the dagger into the troll's neck three times. The troll screeched loudly in pain, and fell. He was dead. Jule jumped off the troll and looked at the mage. She had a large slash down her back. Jule touched the wound and thought one thing before he fainted. Heal. Later he awoke in a room. The room was empty except for a chair, the bed he was lying on, and the mage. She was sitting on the chair looking down at him. He got up and looked at her. She was smiling at him. " My name is Shana," the girl said. "I'm Jule," he replied. "I carried you here after you fainted," she said. "Oh, and I also brought you these items," she added. The items were a tooth from the troll he had killed and a piece of it's clothing, large enough to make a shirt from. Jule looked at her and smiled. "Are we close to a town?" he asked. "No, but what do you need?" she asked Jule. " I wanted to have this claw turned into a sword and have this cloth turned into a shirt wearable by me," he told Shana. "I can do that for ten gold coins," she said. "Ok," he said reaching into his pocket and pulling out ten coins. He then gave them to her. He also handed her the foot long claw and the grey fabric. Jule sat on the floor for a couple hours only eating a few blueberries from his cloak pocket. From another room Shana came out and handed Jule the two items he had asked for. The sword had a curve to it. The shirt had a pocket on the front of it. She handed the things to Jule and he took them and said "Thank you." Suddenly the pair heard a knocking noise. Jule followed Shana to the door. He also noticed that the house only had two rooms. When the girl opened the door they could see a man present at the door. He handed the girl a note and said "This is from Zon, I must get going now I shall be seeing you later Shana." "See you later Dref," said Shana. "Who was that?" Jule asked as the man left. "That was my friend from my clan, oh and Zon is our leader," Shana replied. Shana read the note and said aloud "Shana, we need your help to regain some artefacts for us, please return to us quickly." Shana grabbed a coat and a sword from the room and walked out the door. Jule followed her and said "May I come?" "Yes but we must make haste," Shana said quickening her pace. Jule strode along after her. They were going along a path that even Jule didn't know. They followed the path for awhile until they came to a clearing. In the clearing there were five small houses. In the middle of them was an anvil and a couple market stalls. Approaching them was a man who looked to be of great importance. He wore a white robe with black markings on it, the same design pants, and night black boots. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Shana bow, so he decided it would be best if he did the same. "Now who might this person be Shana?" the man asked. "This is Jule, Zon," she said. "He saved me from the troll and healed me," she added. "Well I thank you for saving her," said Zon. "Now the reason I called you here Shana is because the Seven Treasures of Arginail have been spotted in various places," Zon told them. "I need you to regain them because if they fall in the wrong hands it can be dangerous," he added. "Now the closest one from here is on Mount Grayain, it is the Sword of Jionis," he finished off. " I accept your quest," Shana said. " And I will go with her," Jule said to Zon. "Well I have something for each of you to take on your journey," Zon said. He handed Shana an amulet. "It will strengthen your powers," he had said nodding at her. And for Jule he had a large ruby. "Embed this in your weapon and your healing powers and the potential within you shall rise," he had told Jule. So they said they're farewells, but not before he had bought a healing vial, and a satchel for thirteen gold coins at one of the stalls. Jule and Shana headed towards the mountain. It was now snowing a bit. They walked on for a few hours and they had to stop at a town for the night. Jule walked up to a blacksmith and with his last five coins he had the ruby embedded into his sword. When the blacksmith had finished and given Jule back his sword, the pair walked into the nearest inn. "Two rooms," Shana said to the innkeeper handing him a sack of coins. Jule walked into his room and fell asleep quickly. When he woke up he left his room and saw Shana leaving hers. "Hi," he said. "Hi," Shana replied. So they left the inn, walking towards the mountain. He saw the mountain and made it there several hours later. They started their climb. It had really started to snow really hard. The snow whipped the two in the face but the continued their climb. When they made it to the first ledge they stopped. It was almost night when they decided to go into a cavern. It was a clear mistake. Inside were two Frost Giants. Jule saw Shana try to conjure a fireball but it went out. Hiding his weapons in his secret cloak pocket he braced himself. And for the second time in a week he fell unconcious. He woke up inside a cavern. Inside they're were three Frost Giants, six orcs, and a frost dragon. He was bound up by ropes. He saw Shana only a few feet away also bound. Jule felt something sharp hit his side and he realised they had not taken his weapons. He knew he could go invisible so he did. He also saw Shana turn into mist. A Shapeshifter! He should have known. Jule waited for Shana to turn into something and cut his bonds free. He turned visible again and saw Shana turn into a sword and cut his bonds. He then turned invisible and dodged a blow from one of the Frost Giant's frost mace. Shana quickly turned back into the black mist and the two left the cavern. When the made it out and up a couple feet, their powers ran out. Jule restrapped the weapons to his belt and added a frost dagger to his belt and put some stolen coins in his pocket. "Well that was close!" Jule said laughing. Shana smiled and looked at him. Jule started to make a little snowfort, and with a bit of help from his companion he had the fort built within minutes. They sat inside feeling tired. Jule cleared the snow from the bottom so they could sleep. Shana could not ignite a fire because it would melt the fort. "You sleep, I'll take first watch," Jule said. Shana smiled and passed out a few minutes later. Jule looked through a hole and kept watch for awhile before he to fell asleep. Shana woke Jule up the next morning. "You fell asleep," she said smiling. "So I did, yet no harm came from it," he replied. They left their fort an hour later. They kept climbing until they saw a cavern with they saw a cavern with light coming from it. "The sword is illuminating that cavern," said Shana. "Yes that sword is guarded by rogue elves," he said taking his sword off his belt. "How do you know?" Shan whispered. "The voices," he said wincing. "Now we will do the ceremony," a voice inside said. Jule forgot about his invisibility and rushed in with his sword swinging. Inside there were about twelve elves dressed in red and black. Jule killed three of them with one swipe. The rest were frozen except for one who started to beg for mercy. Jule looked at him in disgust and used another ice spell. He saw the sword and went to reach for it and heard a loud roar. He quickly grabbed all the fallen elves weapon and threw them in a pile. He then saw a frost dragon come from deeper in the cavern. Jule quickly dove behind a large chunk of ice and saw that Shana was hiding behind it as well. Jule was lucky because the dragon looked around and decided to go back to where it came. Shana quickly grabbed the sword while Jule grabbed the weapons. They ran out climbing down cliffs, at a rapid speed. He suddenly slipped and almost fell. But Shana grabbed him and they continued down. It was morning when they had made it down. Jule stumble don making it to Shanas' clans clearing he stumbled and fell exhausted. Then Zon came up and said " That may not be a treasure and there may be more that seven," he said. "But you may keep the sword as your reward Shana and here Jule have this," he said handing Jule a sword. "This is the Sword of Ice," he said. "A fabled treasure," he added. Jule took it and fell asleep on the spot . " Let him sleep Shana," said Zon and she to fell asleep. Jule woke up to the sounds of distress. He looked around and saw orcs everywhere. He pulled his cloak tighter around him and took his Ice sword and his troll sword off his belt. He used his invisibilty then stealthily walked over to the huddle of orcs and nearly screamed. Zon, Shayla and the rest of the clan were bloody, bruised, and tied up. Jule struck the nearest orc in the back with his new sword. The orc screamed just before Jule cut off his head. Jule swung aroud and suddenly his invisibility went out. Now thirteen annoyed orcs could see their attacker. Jule looked around. He could not just leave this clan. This place he had thought of as home. So with a sudden rush of courage he ran at the orcs. He swung around hitting three of them in the stomach. The he chanted an elven spell. "Ech gor enta eoil!" ( May fireballs rain down on you). Small fireballs came raining down on the orcs. All of them hit their mark and when the orcs started to flee he yelled "FEIL!" (Stop). The fireballs stopped and Jule walked over to Zon and Shayna. They were the only ones hurt fataly. He unbound their ropes, ungagged them and slumped down and fell unconcious, but only after he put his hands on them and yelled "Esporiato!" (Heal). Later he woke up in a bed looking up at Zon. "You are awake, thank you for saving me," Zon said to him. Jule nodded weakly and thought to himself "I wonder if I am stronger than him?" "Shana came over to him and thanked him as well. He then said the healing spell again and felt his magic repair him. He then suddenly jumped out of his bed and rushed out to the surrounding forest. He needed an animal companion. He had a way with animals. Suddenly a large tiger jumped out of the bushes. Jule yelled at it in elven tongue. "Espa moun doiaga!" he yelled. (Come with me o mighty beast of the wild). The tiger roared a roar which Jule took as a yes and Jule walked out of the forest the tiger behind him. "I shall tame animals, it will be my life," he whispered to himself in a low tone.