Betrayal Forever

The first day I saw you was the first day of school

The first thing you said to me was some sort of joke

I came up with a retort, and then you laughed

We became fast friends forever

At least that's what I thought

We had fun sleepovers, staying up till' one in the morn

Telling secrets of crushes and rivals and gossip galore

You told me I was the best, I said the same to you

You said let no boy come between us and I loved you more

At school was the best; we'd hang out through the day

Talking about other people, their flaws and their ways

I started to notice however, that you started to stare at just one

A boy with blue eyes and radiant smile

That's when I should have known

You would sidle on over and bat your eyes

Completely forgetting me, standing there alone

He would smile at you

You would smile at him

The next thing that happened I wish I could forget

I thought was cool, you had a boyfriend

But then our sleepovers lessened

And our gossip died

And all you would talk about was him

You started barrowing shirts and money for dates

Never returning or paying back either

At school I would stand and watch by as you two flirted

Completely invisible

When I told you I felt left out, you said I was clingy and to go away

You called the next day and said you were kidding

When you hung up I slammed down the phone and cried the rest of the day

The truth dawned on me, I had been betrayed

I vowed to ignore you, forget you exist

Go back to my old friends, who I realized had done the same to me

At school I would see you walking with him, but you two looked different

Not happy, quite sad, in fact it ruined my day

I felt like I wanted to help, but then I remembered

And all those feelings of hatred returned

I renewed my vows and went on my way

It was a couple of days later, I was doing some chores

When I heard the phone ringing

I picked it up and said hello

It was you on the other end, crying

I asked what was wrong, My voice cold as ice

You told me that you had broken up with him

I didn't know what to think

You said that he cheated on you

I felt blank inside

Then all of a sudden you asked if I could come over

You had stopped crying and sounded quite fine

I felt happy inside, we would be fast friends again

When asked me to bring money, I just said ok

I loved you, I hated you and now I love again

Best friends forever

And the old cycle began again