I dedicate this poem to Issac.

I owe the construction of this poem solely to him. If it weren't for him I would have never written it. He has always been an enormous inspirationand awonderful muse.

Needless to say I was really, really, pissed off when I wrote this.

Prince Charmings don't exist.

Only pain and bitter trist.

In these years, I have learned,

Men are false when love concerned.

They bat their eyes,

play hard to get....

Spread their lies...

make you take their shit...

They have this one compulsive need

to sit around and spread their seed.

Incredibly sly and unabashed........

these men should have their genitalia slashed.

Whipped and beaten....

scorned and stoned.........

No woman should ever have to be "boned".

There is no one easy solution

in getting rid of all this male "pollution".

The male disease is spreading.......

its on thin ice we're treading.

If we don't destroy these male pests....

The world will become overcrowded, hairy and grotesque.

Men should be whipped and maliciously beaten,

Then tastefully salted and joyfully eaten.

There just is no easy ending to the message they keep sending.

One of hope

and reassured happiness

that creates a false atmosphere

of stupidity and sappiness.

They lure you in

and make you sin.

They're never kind,

they hurt your mind

They're made of hands...

full of demands.

They'll be mass participations

in their bloody castrations.

Yes, it is amazing how much one person can make you hate a whole gender. It is possible. All that revulsion just kept building inside of me and finally I produced this poem in rebuttal. I never would have found my poetic nature if it weren't for that lovely boy Issac. Isn't that just how life is, always a cruel Irony.

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