Mesozoic Valley

James R. Skiff


The plane crashed into the ground, the engines burst into flames and red and yellow flames engulfed the engine. The props still turning, waving and flinging flames everywhere. The plane showed no sign of slowing down, it skidded along the ground at a tremendous speed, ramming into rocks and twigs, burning the grass as it speeded through the underbrush.

The sounds of glass shattering and metal twisting and breaking filled the cockpit, also were screams and cries of pain. The palne with it's firey engines continued to skid, strait towards the river.

The plane smashed into the river, throwing water to the sides and almost instantly drowning the cab. The flames bursting form the twin engines stopped as the waters from the river drowned them out. Finally the plane came to a stop, when it hit the facing river bank.

All of a sudden, a huge beast thrust it's massive body out of the trees, it's huge blood-struck teeth glimmered in the light, one of the crew members ran, only to trip and to fall prey to this immense creature of destruction. He disappeared in the creatures huge jaws, it roared and two more men fell prey. Andrew Gary and John Harder closed their eyes and ran behind the fallen plane, the beast lumbered off into the forest. Two days later the helicopter found the two lone survivors of that plane crash, that was tweny years ago............

First Part:

Aaron Carter ran. The screams of his pursuer bounced back and forth inside the poor mans head. He didn't look back, if he did he'd be dead in a second flat.....

He darted around a tree, then over a low branch, only to be followed by the terrifying noise of his pursuer.

He kept running, strait through a small stream, then over a bush.

He didn't stop, he didn't look back. His feet ached, they felt as if they would fall off. All of a sudden he ran out of the jungle into an open field.

"It's gonna get me." He thought inside his head. Now that they were in an open field it would get him easily.

He ran on, through the high grass. He risked a look, and turned his head, nothing, but still the horrific sounds echoed through the valley. He saw a tree, without thinking he ran for it and dashed up it. Once he couldn't go any higher he stopped and started to breathe heavily. All of a sudden it came into view, snarling at him, another appeared then another and another.

"I'm a goner." He muttered to himself. All of a sudden one of them jumped up, clamping it's jaws around a branch and tearing it off the tree. The tree was close to a large steam, he couldn't see the bottom, only being able to hear the snarls and screams of the pursuers. Crawling out onto an overhanging branch he let go and fell.........

Aaron Carter woke with a gasp, shooting up in his bed with a sweaty forehead.

"Those nightmares again." He said to himself.

The nightmares had been haunting his head for a week now ever since he got the call from Dr. Gary.

He walked into the kitchen and picked up a big cup of coffee. He looked at the clock, it read: "8:23." He sat down at the table and picked up the newspaper.

He turned to the science page, and read it.

"Still nothing." He muttered. Also for the past week he had been looking in the science section of the paper to see about a unique island to be discovered. But nothing.

The phone rang. Startled he jumped in his seat and grabbed his forehead. He got up and walked to the phone. And picked it up.

"Hello?" He asked in a polite voice.

The voice of Dr. Gary answered. "Ah yes Dr. Carter." The doctor was an old man about fifty-five maybe more. A short chubby man with grey hair who lived in a big mansion in Hawaii.

"Dr. Carter." He started. "What do you want Andrew!?" He interrupted.

"I was just wondering Dr. Carter, if you have decided yet on our little discussion.

"Listen Andrew," He started.

"I don't want to go!"

Dr. Gary paused. "I'm sorry you feel that way Dr. Carter." He said. "But um, what I didn't mention last time was something that really can't be overlooked."

"Yeah and what would that be?" Aaron asked him, getting irritated.

"A paleontologist," He started. "Did decide to visit the island the same day that I called you. "Four days ago she left, and three days ago we lost contact with her."

Aaron paused, "She's lost Aaron, on an island where survival for humans is nearly impossible."

Carter paused. "Um, a, and exactly who is this paleontologist?"

"Her name is Kate Tether." He said. "I believe that you know her."

"I, I do know her. But knowing you Andrew, this isn't the only reason you want me to go."

"You know me well." He replied. "Then tell me," Carter started. "Tell me why you want to go?"

Gary sighed. "Twenty years ago I was on a plane going form Japan to Hawaii, over an island in the pacific the engines failed and the plane crashed, all of the passengers were killed except for myself and four others. Three of them fell prey to the harsh echo-system and only myself and a man names John Harder survived. John died a year ago, and when he was on his death bed, I swore I would go and see that island before I died, and I will not break my promise to John, I will not." Gary said.

"For the past year I have thought of nothin but that island, and now is the perfect chance to go."

"All right Andrew, I'll go." He hung up the phone.

"Dang it I'm an idiot!"

Aaron quickly ran into his room, and pulled out a suitcase. Somehow he felt excited about going on this trip, but deep down he knew that he shouldn't.

He pulled out his clothes and shoved them into the suitcase.

After he was all packed, he got dressed and locked up his apartment.

He walked out into the hall and made a mad dash for the elevator.

He clicked the ground floor button and stood there.

After he got to the ground floor, he rushed out of the building and waved down a taxi.

He rushed into the cab and put his bag beside him.

He tried to catch his breath.

"You goin' anywhere bub?" The driver asked.

"Yes, um New York Airport." He told the driver.

When he got to the airport, he paid the driver and walked in.

He walked up to the ticket counter and asked. "Is there a flight for Honolulu leaving today?"

She said, "Yeah it's uh leavin' in twenty minutes gate 14B."

"I'd like a coach ticket, she handed him a ticket as he paid her.

He made a dash for the gate, and almost forgot to show his boarding pass to the guard.

Once he sat down on the plane he took a deep breath trying to catch his breath.

He checked his watch, "11: 18" he had made good time..........

Once he arrived in Honolulu, he got off the plane and got on a cab.

"Can you take me to 345 rock street?" He asked.

The cab started to move and he sat back in his seat.

The cab stopped and he jumped out.

He ran up to the door and knocked on it.

A tall butler answered the door.

"May I ask who is calling?" He asked in a very polite voice.

"Um, yes you may, Aaron Carter." He replied.

"Just a moment." The butler closed the door and came back in thirty seconds.

"Dr. Gary will see you now." He said.

"Really, great." Aaron walked into the mansion and looked around, the ceiling was very high and a large chandelier hung from the top.

"I must applaud the mansion." He said.

"This way please." The butler lead him into a large room, where Gary was sitting in a chair reading.

"Um, Andrew, Andrew Gary." Aaron said nervously.

Gary looked up from his book and smiled. "Believe me Dr. Carter I didn't think that you'd get here so fast."

"Neither did I." He replied.

"I'll guess that you want to get right to business then?"

"Yes I would."

Gary stood up and walked over to a large desk that had a large computer on it.

He bent down and picked up two files.

"Wha, what are those for?" He asked.

"These are for your team." "What team."

"Oh Aaron you can't expect me to send you to that island all by yourself could you?"

"No of course not." He replied.

"Your team members are, Jack Pearson, and Matt Richard."

"So are these guys tourists or what?"

"Well," He started, while pulling out papers from the files.

"Jack Pearson is a Mechanical expert very good first in his university class back in Los Angelas."

He handed the file to Aaron.

"Matt Richard is a wildlife photographer."

He the two files to Aaron and walked over to another part of the room. "And of course you'll be going in for the documentation."

"Document, what!" He said in shock.

"You told me we were going to rescue someone!"

"You are, but this island is the perfect place to set up the greatest animal documentary in the world."

"Listen Dr, This mission is now completely a rescue operation, we got get Kate, and leave!"

"Whatever you want Aaron, now would you like to see the equipment?"

"Equipment, what equipment?"


Aaron looked at it, the trailer was thirty feet long and fifteen feet high at the most part.

It had a flat front was painted in camouflage color.

"It's called the Avenger." Jack Pearson said.

"It weights three tons, has a G.P.S. system built right in, worldwide satellite connection communication systems, the best weather equipment available. It's also got the glass top as a bonus"

"It's big."

"It cost one and a half million dollars to build, not counting the cruiser."

"The cruiser what's the cruiser?"

"Actually the cruiser is a suped up ford expedition, same stuff, re-enforced side panels, G.P.S., sat phones, three hundred horse electric engine."

Jack walked over to a table and picked up a strange looking gun.

"You know what this is?" He asked.

"It's a gun."

"Not just any gun, this is one of the best guns on the planet, we don't bother with messy guns like a shotgun, this thing can be filled with any toxin you want."

"How far can it fire?"

"Ah, well about five hundred feet at most, it can knock down an elephant."

"Is there an antidote?"

"What, for this?" He asked. "It works must to fast, just don't point it at anybody, they'd be dead before you realized you pulled the trigger."

"So when do we leave?"

The low thumping of the helicopter was some how comforting to Aaron.

He sat back in his seat and looked out the window.

They had been flying over the pacific ocean of at least an hour, and it would be a few more hours until they reached the island.

Jack Pearson sat in the pilot's seat and piloted the chopper, with Matt Richard riding shotgun.

Dr. Carter and Dr. Gary sat in the back.

"Tell me again why you had to come?" Aaron asked the old man.

"Dr. Carter I want to see these animals for myself not through a video camera." He replied.

Aaron sighed.

He looked down at the water to see the large boat carrying the equipment come into view.

"There she is." The old man said. He helicopter began to slow down and began to make a descent towards the boat that constantly grew larger as they flew closer.

Once they were directly over the boat, the crew came out of the cabin's and waved to them. The helicopter drifted down and landed on the Helipad with a 'thump'.

"Everyone out" Gary said.

Aaron stood up and walked onto the deck of the ship.

The trailer and the cruiser were on the deck tied up to the deck.

All of a sudden a large green mass appeared just below the horizon.

"There it is!" Aaron yelled.

"Ok start unpacking!" Matt yelled.

Once the boat had docked on the island, the low rumble of the trailers engines came to life. It drove forwards and hit the solid terrain, Jack, Aaron and Andrew (the old dude) got into the trailer and Matt took the cruiser.

After everything was unloaded, the boat left, slowly becoming smaller as it headed back to Hawaii.

The trailer and the cruiser started u and they began to drive. After a while they hit dense jungle and had to slow down, the cruiser took the lead and the trailer slowed down.

After driving for about another hour and a half, they drove out of the dense jungle and drove into the valley.

"Holy crap!" Matt yelled over the radio.

"What is it Matt?" Jack asked over the radio.


The three men in the trailer looked out the front of the window to see a large number of large animals, with two horns out of the forehead and another out of the snout. Triceratops.

"Matt I count twenty."

"Well, it looks more like twenty five counting the infants." Matt replied.

Aaron opened the door to the trailer and walked outside, staring at the magnificent animals.

He smiled............

The trailer drove very smoothly Aaron noticed as they made their way farther into the valley. Aaron walked up to the front of the trailer.

"What are those?" The radio crackled. "What?" Aaron replied, "Those big things down the river a bout a hundred yards.

The dinosaurs had strange heads with a long crest extending out the back.

"Parasaurolophus." Aaron said. "What?"

"Duck bills." "Oh."

Aaron looked farther down the river to see more parasaurs, and some stegosauruses drinking from the river.

"This place is amazing."

Matt looked out the front of the trailer, the valley was beautiful, the large mountain at the far end of the valley made a breathtaking view.

"Where should we set up camp?"

Aaron looked out the front, "Somewhere high, away from predators."

"Predators?" Matt asked.

"Yes, um Velociraptor, Allosaurus," "Tyrannosaurus rex." Gary said from the back.

Aaron turned, "What?"

"Tyrannosaurus." Gary muttered.

"There are rex's on this island?"

"Aaron, this island is the greatest biological preserve on the planet, this place was, well bypassed by evolution where time stood still. This island also will provide us with clues to dinosaur extinction."

"And how will it do that?"

"It wasn't a comet that killed the dinosaurs, if it was then the animals on this island would be dead to."

Aaron paused.

"Your telling me that this place was bypassed by evolution?" Matt asked.


"But then why are there so many predators on this island?"

"We don't know."

All of a sudden they all heard a bang. The trailer slowly stopped.

"What the hell just happened?" Gary asked.

"The engines dead." Matt said.

"It's an electric engine though?"

"Yes but, aw man I'd better go check it out."Matt stood up and walked out of the trailer.

He bent down and looked under the trailer to see a small dinosaur gnawing at the wires, "Hey!" He yelled.

He picked up a rock and threw it at the small dinosaur.

The rock hit it and it ran off.

"Shit!" He yelled.

"What?" Aaron asked, stepping out.

"Aw some little dinosaur thing was chewing on the wires, we're stuck unless we can get some extra's."

Aaron picked up the radio and turned it on.

"Jack?" He asked into it.

"What is it?"

"Our engines dead, you got any extra wires?"

Jack paused, "Oh crap."

"Great looks like we're stuck."

"Oh crap." Jack said, twisting the steering wheel turning around, with the trailer stuck they were all pretty much stuck.

The cruiser slowly came into view and stopped in front of the trailer.

Jack stepped out.

"So what do we do?"

"Do you have a winch?" Aaron asked.

"A winch, yeah there's one on the front and the back."

"Hook it up." Aaron said. Jack pulled the winch and hooked it onto the front on the trailer.

"Now get in the cruiser and pull us."

"What that'll never pull that three ton trailer."

"Just try." Aaron hopped into the trailer and sat in the co-pilot seat.

"You think it'll work?" He asked Matt.

"Why shouldn't it, that cruiser should pull at least five or more tons."

The cruiser slowly moved forwards, dragging the trailer behind it.

The two vehicles slowly began to pick up speed, and soon they were in the middle of the valley......

Matt looked out the window of the trailer, a bunch of strange looking dinosaurs with long crests pointing out of the back of their heads were grazing a couple hundred yards from them.

Aaron moved to the front of the trailer, "Parasaurolophus." Aaron said.

"Yeah we saw those back at the river."

Aaron noticed something strange with those ones, they were getting aroused and upset.

"What's going on with those guys?" Jack asked.

"I don't know, maybe there's, no there couldn't be."

"Couldn't be what?" Jack asked.

"A predator."

All of a sudden a huge figure thrust it's massive body out of the trees, Aaron stared in fear. Short arms, long tail, short neck, twenty feet tall, and a massive head.

Tyrannosaurus rex.

The tyrannosaur sprinted across the clearing heading right to the parasaurs, they all took off and began running. The rex ran after them, for such a huge animal it moved surprisingly fast. The rex ran at one of the parasaurs, it was right behind a small one. It opened it's massive jaws and clamped them on the parasaurs neck. It immediately fell to the ground, the rex stopped, lifted up it's massive foot and slammed it down onto the duck-bill.

The parasaur stopped moving, the rex bent it's head down and pulled it's head back up, blood-soaked flesh hung from it's huge jaws.

It bent it's head back and swallowed the meat. It opened it's jaws and bellowed in the light.

"Stop the truck." Aaron said into the radio.

"What why?" Jack replied through the radio.

"Just stop it!"

The trailer and the cruiser stopped.

The rex finished it's meal and began walking towards the trailer.

"My god." Matt said. "Stay still." Aaron muttered. The rex was very close now, still walking towards the two vehicles.

For being such an animal of such immense size it moved extremely fast before they knew it, it was only a few yards away, and began to walk between the two cars, it hit the winch wire and pulled the cruiser along a few feet, before stopping....

"Oh no." Jack muttered.

The rex bent down to look at what it's foot had been caught in.

It lifted a leg and walked over the wire, still moving as if it had forgotten it all. It moved extremely fast, and soon all that was left to the huge beast was it's tail swaying some fifteen feet in the air.

The tail banged against the trailer and it stopped.

"What's happening?" Matt asked. Aaron stayed silent. All of a sudden the rex bellowed and the tail disappeared. Aaron realized why, the rex was coming back....

The rex thrust it's huge head out of the trees, soon it's entire body was to the right side of the trailer. The rex bent it's head down and stared at the window, into the trailer. It bellowed and then quickly it once again disappeared into the forest.

"That was close." Jack said over the radio.

"By the way, why didn't the rex attack us?" Jack asked.

"Only for the most obvious reason," Aaron started. "And what would that have been" Matt asked. "I did my research on this topic, a guy named Roxton made a cast of a rex brain and concluded it had the brain of a frog only much larger, it also concluded rex's could only see movement."

"Roxton is an idiot!" Aaron yelled. "A predator has to be able to see more than that. When an animal is being hunted the first instinct is to freeze predators had to evolve to deal with that, and the tyrannosaurus rex is no exception; It didn't attack us not because it couldn't see us, it could see us fine, it just wasn't hungry."

"It wasn't?" Jack asked over the radio.

Aaron picked up the radio, "No anything larger than a goat will fill it up for hours to come, and it just ate almost one thousand pounds of food, it'll be full for another five or even six hours now."

"How do you know all this?"

"I did my research."

The cruiser started up again and the two vehicles slowly began to make their way across the valley.

Aaron looked out the window, a long neck type thing protruded out of the trees and made a strange noise, then another and another appeared.

Then one came out of the forest, they were sauropods, he could tell long necks and short front legs, except for these the front legs were huge!

No doubt a herd of Bracheosaur.

He noticed how the Bracheosaur moved slowly and let out a low call every so often, they weren't aggressive at all and didn't seem to mind sharing the field with the parasaurs, who had now calmed down after the rex encounter.

The bracheosaurs were huge, Aaron quickly guessed about forty feet tall and maybe ninety feet long. However they almost didn't make any sound at all when they walked. A while ago people believed that when they walked the massive legs hit the ground so hard it shook the ground.

Nothing like that at all here, these animals acted like big cows, every so often raising their heads from the ground eating the grass.

But if they had such huge necks why didn't they eat from the trees?

Aaron looked at the body of the huge sauropod, it's big tail swayed back and forth. He noticed they barley raised their heads, so maybe they didn't eat from the tree's at all. He sat back in this seat.

"I'll ponder about these things later." But now they needed to worry about the predators.........

Perched in a tree, Kate Tether held her camera close to her.

In the light, an enormous tyrannosaur, eighteen feet tall and forty feet long, was sleeping in the small jungle clearing.

She raised the camera and took a picture.

The rex slept on, this must be the lair or maybe she just stopped for a small nap.

They knew so little about these animals, yet they survived here for a hundred million years.

She took another picture and began to climb down the tree.

She put her foot on a small branch. She heard a sharp Crack then she fell.

She hit the ground hard, "Oh no." She muttered, she pulled herself to her feet. She looked over at the rex, it was slowly moving.

Kate Tether's blood ran cold, the rex snorted and opened it's eyes, using it's little arms it pulled itself up and let out an enormous roar.

She began to run.

She glanced back to see the rex just standing there, looking at her.

She reached back into her memory to an article she read by a guy named Roxton, if she didn't move it couldn't see her.

She froze using all her strength to keep herself from moving, the rex roared and walked towards her, it stopped a few yards way. She bit her lip.

The rex stared at her, it bent it's huge head down and nudged her.

It could see her. She wanted to run and scream. But instead of eating her, the rex brought it's head back up to it's normal position and walked off.

The cruiser stopped, at the base of the waterfall.

Jack said over the radio, "This is as good a place as any to set up camp."

It was a good spot, being at the base of the waterfall and next to the river they would see a lot of animal activity.

Aaron got out of the trailer and helped Matt unlatch the wire.

Gary got out of the trailer.

"What a beautiful spot." He said, smelling the air.

Aaron walked down to the river and stuck his hands in.

"Cold?" Matt asked. "No, well not really."

He stood back up and looked down the river.

About half a mile or so down the river there was a herd of strange looking dinosaurs with domed heads, and small horns around the domes. They were about seven feet tall and fourteen feet long.

"Pachycephalosaurus." He said, pointing to them.

"They sure do look stupid with those domed heads."

"Those domed heads are ten inches of solid bone, when it bends it's head down the neck lines up with the backbone making a great impact absorber."


"They believe pachy's to be aggressive, butting head that sort of thing."

Matt stayed silent.

Aaron walked into the trailer. He never had actually noticed the huge size of the interior, he climbed up the small ladder and opened the latch at the top, he sat down on the top of the trailer.

By this time another group of dinosaurs were walking towards the river.

They were about thirty or more feet long, and had a snout that resembled that of the parasaurs, only it had no crest on it's head.

Pulling up a pair of binoculars, he looked at the animal.

"It's a Maisaura." He said.

He noticed how the herbivores didn't seem to mind how they had to share the river with other animals, it was a well-balanced echo-system.

All of a sudden one of the pachy's stuck it's head up in surprise.

He wondered what it was. He looked down to the small patch of jungle area near where the two herds were.

A small red dinosaur, with black stripes running down it's back and tail jumped out. At first Aaron mistook it for a Velociraptor, but no it was much larger.

It was almost the same size as the pachy's only shorter and a couple feet smaller.

He looked at it through his binoculars, it had a long razor sharp claw on both of it's feet, defiantly a kind of raptor.

His next guess was a Utahraptor but it's skull was two big, utahraptor's had shallow skulls like velociraptors.

There was only one kind of raptor that size, Deinonychus.

Those animals were perfectly engineered killing machines, he remembered a study of scientists who made a cast of their brain and concluded it had an advanced nervous system, so it could easily pull of attacks while it was standing on one leg, slashing it's victim with the razor claw on it's foot.

But one thing puzzled him, deinonychus were thought to have been pack hunters but there was only one here. This made him think more and more, they must be pulling off some kind of hunting plan, because all of a sudden, three more jumped out of the bushes.

The raptors positioned themselfs perfectly, they seemed to pick one Maisaura out of the entire herd, making a square position around it, a single raptor jumped onto the Maisaura's neck and began slashing at it with it's claws.

The three other raptors then did the same slashing and biting the dinosaurs flesh. Another one hopped out of the bushes and they ll began to attack it.

Soon the maisaura was on the ground, clearly dead.

Normally on a kill site the larger predators ate first then came to smaller ones then the scavengers. But here it was nothing like that, it was like a feeding frenzy each predator trying to get their fair share of the kill.

"Just as I thought," Aaron started. "Killing machines."

The deinonychus's finished their meal, and quickly sprinted off across the valley. Aaron was amazed at the speed of the animals, they could move as fast as cheetah's and for much longer.

His stomach ,rumbled. He realized how hungry he was.

He climbed down the small iron ladder and walked into the trailer.

He looked around, to see a small refrigerator, he walked over to it, extended a hand and pulled it open.

He pulled out a sandwich and began to eat.

He walked to the front of the trailer and looked at the G.P.S. screen, it wasn't turned on. He looked under the screen to see a small green button that said, "On" He pressed it and the dark screen flicked on.

It was just an outline of the world, he pressed a few more buttons and it shrunk and shrunk and shrunk, until it only showed this island, then a small blue dot appeared to the south-west of the island, the trailers position.

All of a sudden, Matt walked into the trailer, "Hey Matt." Aaron responded. "Hey, listen, I'm goin' in the cruiser to get a closer looked at the animals down river, you want to come?"

"Sure." Aaron said finishing his sandwich.

They got into the cruiser and Matt started it up.

The electric engine quietly rumbled to life. The engine was so quiet. The cruiser jolted forward and they started to drive down the river.

The view of the maisaura's and the pachy's slowly got closer and closer.

They didn't seem to mind the cruiser, they slowed down and began to approach the herd.

The two herd were on the other side of the river, so they really weren't in much danger, if there was any. They stopped about two yards from the waters edge. One of the maisaura's looked at them, it was a dumb stare like that of a cow, but after about a second it resumed drinking.

The cruiser started up again, and they began to drive down the river again.

After about fifteen minutes, the Bracheosaur herd appeared out of the jungle. Most of the herbivores liked to hang around in this valley.

Probably because they knew the deinonychus and other major predators were in the jungle.

When they got back, later that night, it was already dark out Aaron hopped out of the cruiser, surprised to see no body there.

"Where is everyone?" Matt asked. "I don't know."

Matt walked forwards but then his foot slammed into something wet.

He looked down to see a huge footprint.

"Oh my god." He muttered.

"What is it?" Aaron asked, running up to him.

He looked down to see a huge footprint, three toes with huge claws on each one and a single claw out the back of it.

"Do you know what this is?" Aaron asked. "Is it bad?"

"It's a tyrannosaur footprint."

"So that means that-" Aaron interrupted. "A tyrannosaur has been here."

"Do you think?" Aaron stayed silent, "Where else would they be?"

"Dr Carter!" Aaron turned around to see Andrew Gary, slowly running towards them, even for an old man he ran fast for his age, but then again it could just be the human instinct of fear.

Gary stopped before the two men.

"T-rex, Jack, running, screaming, bloody, didn't, make." He said, panting his brains out.

"Doctor, doctor slow down, it's okay now where is Jack?"

"Jack, he," Dr Gary took a deep breath. "He, he, he didn't make it."

Aaron and Matt stayed silent.

The tyrannosaur roared in the distance, an unearthly sound tore through the air.

"We've got to get out of here." Matt said. "I agree, now lets go." The three men turned and began to walk towards the cruiser.

"Shouldn't we take the trailer?" Matt asked.

"No way that'll slow us down a lot, we need to get out of here fast, didn't you see how fast the rex ran?" It roared once again in the distance.

They got into the cruiser, Aaron jumped into the drivers seat and turned the key in the ignition, the engine quietly rumbled to life. Aaron hit the pedal, but it didn't go. "What the heck?" He hit it again, but still the cruiser didn't move.

Matt jumped out to see the back wheel, stuck in a puddle, spinning rapidly in mid air. "Shit!" Matt yelled.

Then a quiet boom rumbled through the air. Followed by another and another. Everytime it boomed the puddles rippled.

Aaron jumped out.

"It could be anywhere." He said, looking around. "Maybe it's ahead of us?" "I don't think so." The sound became louder and louder every step.

"Get in the cruiser." Aaron said, "I can't leave you here!" "Get in the cruiser." Matt didn't bother to argue, he ran up to the drivers side and jumped in.

"Hit it!" Aaron yelled.

The wheel began to spin rapidly, and Aaron began to push against the back of the cruiser. "Come on, come on god darn it!" He yelled pushing even harder.

All of a sudden the rex bellowed.

Aaron turned and froze.

The massive figure of a tyrannosaurus rex head thrust through the trees.

It let out an enormous roar, splitting the air.

"Go now!" Aaron shrieked. The wheel spun and Aaron pushed.

"OH come on damn it!" Aaron kicked the wheel, it slammed into the earth and began to spin on solid ground, Aaron jumped into the cruiser and it jolted forwards.

The rex began to chase them, roaring and snarling behind them.

"Come on go faster!" Aaron yelled.

"I can't it's solar powered!" He yelled back.

"Where's the gun!?" Aaron yelled.

"Under the seat!" Aaron looked under the seat to see a big box, he pulled up the box and opened it up. The cruiser jolted.

He pulled out the rifle and unscrewed the back.

He pulled a dart out of the canister and shoved it into the back, loading the gun.

"Open the sunroof!" Aaron yelled.

"What?!" "Just do it!"

Matt hit a button and the glass top of the cruiser folded back.

Aaron stood up on the seat and pointed the gun at the huge figure.

"How d I aim!?" He yelled.

"Hit the green button!"

Aaron looked on the handle for a button, near the trigger there was one, he hit it and a small red laser shot out of the bottom of the barrel.

A laser sight.

Aaron raised the rifle and pointed it at the rex's head.

He put his finger on the trigger and puled it. The gun bucked back and hit his shoulder, but the rex kept on going.

"What happened?!" He yelled.

"You missed try again!"

Aaron un screwed the back and shoved in another dart, he cocked the gun and aimed, and fired. It bucked back into his shoulder again, and the rex still kept on running.

"Damn laser sights!" He yelled.

All of a sudden the cruiser hit a hill and began to go up it.

But it also began t slow down a lot, and the rex was catching up.

"What's happening!?" Aaron yelled.

"We're running out of power!" He yelled, and the cruiser began to dramatically lose speed.

30 miles per hour, 25 miles per hour, 20 miles per hour, 15.

The rex bellowed, probably in delight.

The cruiser didn't stop losing speed, but when they got to the summit of the hill, they began to speed up, fast!

15 miles per hour, 20 miles, 25, 30, 35. The cruiser began to outrun the rex, it let out a huge roar.

The cruiser was going very fast now and the rex slowed down and stopped.

It roared in disappointment and ran off.

Aaron sat back down.

"Ok, you can stop, the rex is gone."

"Stop?" "Yes stop as in stop moving!"

"I can't stop."

"What do you mean you can't stop." "Brake line is snapped."


The cruiser kept on speeding up, roaring down the hill towards the pond.

"You have to stop it!" "But I can't the brake line is snapped."

"We have to get out." "We can't, we can't risk the fall!" Andrew yelled.

"Anyways we don't have time!" Matt yelled.

"Then hold on, this is gonna be bad!"

The cruiser hit the water hard. The water rushed in the cracks in the windows and doors. The cruiser floated for a second.

"Come on we have to get out!" Matt yelled.

Aaron opened the door, only to let in more water, he grabbed onto Andrew's arm and they rushed out.

Once they were out of the cruiser it quickly sank to the bottom.

"Now we're stuck." Aaron said.

The three men crawled out of the pond.

"How are we going to get home now?" Matt asked.

" I have an idea!" Aaron said.

He stood up and dove into the pond.

He rose to the surface, took a big breath and swam down.

"What do you think he's doing down there?" Andrew asked.

"Knowing him, it'll probably be something that'll save our butt's."

Aaron appeared at the surface of the pond and took a breath.

He swam towards the shore and crawled up out of the water.

"Well?" Matt asked.

Aaron reached into a box he had drug up from the bottom of the pond and pulled out the rifle.

"Where'd you be without me?" He asked.

"At home in bed." Andrew said.

Aaron sighed.

They all stood up and began to walk away.

"So where should we go?" Matt asked.

"Well we need shelter and we need food, and there is only one place on this island that can give us both."

"And that is?" "The trailer." Aaron replied.

"We can walk back to the trailer, sleep tonight and call for help in the morning."

"But, but I'm so tired I can't go on, why don't we just sleep here?" Matt asked.

"We can't the rex is still somewhere out here, and we won't get away next time." Aaron said.

"Who say's there's gonna be a next time?" Matt asked.

"Trust me, there'll be a next time."

They kept on walking.

Aaron's legs ached, he was sure that the others were tired to.

But they had to keep going.

After walking for about another hour into the night, they came to the jungle.

"How are we going to get through there?" Matt asked.

"We'll have to go through."

"In the dark?" Andrew asked.

"Well, there isn't any way around and if there was, it'd add at least another two or three hours on the way back to the trailer."

"Good point."

The jungle was dark and dense.

The tyrannosaur bellowed in the distance.

"You sure the rex isn't in here with us."

"If he is, then we'd be able to outrun him in here, Matt." Aaron replied.

"Yes," Gary started. "But you saw how incredibly fast that creature moved."

"Yes, but we are in a jungle my friend, we are small and there are lot's of places to hide."

"But there are still other small predators?" Matt asked.

"Yes, earlier today I watched a pack of deinonychus attack-"

"Deinonychus?" Matt asked.

"Yes deinonychus is a carnivore about six and a half feet tall, thirteen feet long, a species of dromaeosaur, the biggest one in the family. Nasty little dinosaurs, I watched them take down a five ton animal." Aaron replied.

"What kind of five ton animal?" Matt asked with a puzzle on his face."A maisaura, thirty feet long, twelve feet tall, duckbill."

"But could they kill us?" Gary asked.

"Of course, they move as fast as cheetah's, and they each have a seven inch claw on both of their feet. They kick with one foot, slashing their victim with that claw, those animals are perfectly engineered killing machines."

The rex bellowed in the distance once again.

"You might want to load that thing." Andrew said, pointing to the rifle.

He unscrewed the back and shoved in a dart.


"Just more comfortable."

All of a sudden a quiet whining sound came over the men.

"What was that?" Matt asked. Aaron stayed silent.

"I saw something." He said moving towards a bunch of tree's.

All of a sudden two large animals, about ten feet tall at the tallest point, witch was actually on top on a spiky plate on it's back. The animal had a small but long skull. IT moved slowly and had two rows of spiky plates going down it's back. And on it's tail there were four spikes.

Undoubtably a stegosaurus.

"Wow." Matt mumbled as one of the dinosaurs moved past him.

Aaron began to walk beside one, he reached out his hand and touched it's pebbly skin, the body was warm, definitely warm-blooded.

Three more of the animals appeared from the tree's, it was a whole herd.

And the stegosaurs didn't seem to mind them at all.

"This is incredible." Gary said.

"Look at how beautiful they are." Aaron said.

Matt picked up his camera and took several pictures. "These are great pictures, but Dr Carter one thing bothers me."


"Stegosaurs are a late Jurassic animal, and the tyrannosaur and deinonychus as you say are both late-Cretaceous animals, so how did the stego's survive here if they never had to adapt to those predators?" He asked

"Well, if you think about it, it's pretty easy. Stego's survived with Allosaurus a relative to tyrannosaur so the stego's pretty much already know how those big predators act, but I don't know about the smaller predators like deinonychus."

"That's only one of a thousand questions we need answers to." Gary said.

As the stegosaurs slowly disappeared into the forest, another and another and even more kept on appearing.

It was a very large herd then finally the last one walked off.

It was very, very dark out now and it was becoming hard to see. "Why don't we rest here and then we can start walking again in the morning."Matt asked.

"I guess that's a better idea than to just keep walking in the dark." Gary replied. "But we should sleep up in a tree, just in case of predators."Aaron said, walking towards a large tree.

He reached up and grabbed a large branch.

Using all his strength he pulled himself up onto the branch, grabbing another and another, until he was very high in the tree.

Matt did the same and Andrew just laid down next to a large tree.

Aaron closed his eyes and began to sleep.

Aaron slowly opened his eyes and looked around.

Then he remembered where they were, and he wondered what had happened during the night. He looked at his watch, the hands were fixed on nine fourteen. He was glad that he had bought a waterproof watch after what happened with the cruiser last night.

He looked beside him to see the rifle positioned with the barrel facing the top of the tree. He felt more comfortable now that they had that rifle for protection. He grabbed the rifle and climbed down from the tree.

Matt came out from behind the tree, wiping his hands on his face.

"Have a good sleep?" He asked.

"Yeah." Aaron replied "Where's Andrew?"

Matt looked puzzled. "I don't know." "Here I am." Andrew said, as he slowly got up from behind the tree.

"Well, we'd better keep walking for the trailer." Aaron loaded the rifle and threw it over his shoulder.

"Then," He started. "Lets go."

Kate Tether looked down at the three men from her tree.

"Well, they look like they're in a worse situation then me." She recognized Dr Andrew Gary, she'd recognize that short man from a mile away.

She stepped on a lower branch and jumped down.

Immediately the three men looked up.

"Hello Dr Gary." She said.

"Ms Kate Tether this is Dr Aaron Carter and Matthew Richard."


"So how long have you been lost here?" Aaron asked.

"Lost? I haven't been lost I just lost my radio." Aaron turned to Andrew.

"You told me that she was lost."

"Well, we lost radio contact so, I, I."

"I'm fine Andrew, I was just getting sick of all those stupid 'are you ok?' messages you were sending me, so I turned it off."

"We'd better get back to the trailer now."

Kate looked puzzled, "Trailer, what trailer?"

Aaron looked up"The trailer we brought with us."

Kate smiled. "You mean you've brought equipment?" "Yes, we brought the trailer and a truck except we had a certain," Matt waved his hand. "Um, mishap with a tyrannosaur."

"This is great, does your trailer still have power?" "It should." Aaron replied. "So that means that the radio is working, so we can get off this island?" "Yes, I never thought about that."

"Let's get going then."

They had been walking for about one hour when they finally came to the river, the cool water was flowing rapidly past rocks and trees.

"This is a good sign." Aaron said. "Our campsite was only a little bit farther down form this tree, I remember it from when we went out to get a closer look at the Maisaura's."

Aaron stood up and looked farther down the river, sure enough to see the small patch of jungle and the trailer.

"There it is!" He yelled pointing down the river.

The trailer had been beat up, dented from all sides, rips in the metal and shattered glass. "What happened to it?" Andrew asked.

"I don't know." Aaron replied. "I don't know what on this island could have done this?" Kate added.

Aaron thought for a moment, "Pachycephalosaurus's." He said.

"How do you know that, you just said you didn't."

Aaron bent down to look at one of the larger dents, "Look here, see all these little spikes around the dent? Those were made by a pachy impact, I can tell because on the pachy's head small horns surround it, so I'm, guessing the pachy's didn't seem to like this trailer very much, so they rammed it a couple of times."

"We'd better see if it still has power." Matt said, opening the door and walking in, he was closely followed by Aaron Kate and Andrew.

Matt sat down in the drivers seat and flicked a couple of switches, nothing happened. "NO main power grid." He said.

"Shoot." Kate said, walking to the back. "It's not all that bad, I can still try to boot up the auxiliary power unit." Matt aid, looking back.

Aaron put his hand on Matt's shoulder. "Do whatever you can to give us power."

Matt got up and walked to the back of the trailer, he unlocked a small door and opened it. Inside was a large glass box with a red switch inside. He opened up the cover and looked at the other three and said, "Here goes everything."

He pressed the button, and paused. All of a sudden everything turned n, the G.P.S. system booted to life and small lights flicked on all over the trailer.

"All right!" He said. Kate went strait for the radio, she flicked it on and small lights turned on.

She picked up the receiver and a small book. She opened it to the first page and turned it to a specific frequency. She pressed the talk button and said, "Hello, hello? Can anybody hear us?" She paused and hoped for a reply.

"Hello? Hello? Is anybody out there?" No one replied.

She turned the page and tried two more frequencies, still nothing. Another, nothing, two more still nothing. "I don't think they can hear us." She said, looking up at the three men. "I think we're stuck."

Second Part:

"How can we be stuck, I mean we just can't." Matt said.

"We all feel this way Matthew we'll just have to find another way off this island."Andrew said.

Aaron glanced at his watch, the hands were fixed on seven thirty- two.

"Well, I think that we'd better stay here until we have a plan," Aaron said. "We don't really want to run into the Tyrannosaurus again."

"By the way," Kate started.

"Do we have any weapons?" Aaron held up the white rifle.

"We have this."

"Any more?" Kate asked.

"If we hope to survive those predators we'll need more than that thing."

Andrew looked at the floor.

"Well," He started.

"I was hoping that I wouldn't have to do this but in these circumstances, I guess I'll have to."

He walked to the back of the trailer, and opened a back door with a key.

"I wondered what was in there." Matt said. Andrew stepped away from the closet, to show two hunting rifles, pointing up."

"I really was hoping that we wouldn't have to use them, but under these circumstances I have no choice." He picked up ne of the guns.

"Winchester fort four cal hunting rifle, it's the best protection we've got no." He reached up onto a shelf and picked up a small black box. "We have forty bullets for each of them, it's an automatic so you can load it with five and fire one after the other without re-loading."

Matt picked up one of the rifles and held in against his side. Andrew gave the other to Kate. "I'm to old to carry that thing around." He said.

Kate took a black box and poured them out of a table.

"Those shells have fifty percent more gunpowder in them than normal shells, so you'll get a much more powerful blast out of them." Andrew explained.

"So any idea of where we can find something to get us off the island?"

Matt asked.

"No idea." Andrew replied.

"Than we might as well stay here."

Aaron walked to the back of the trailer and put the gun down on a table.

It was getting dark outside, and more and more triceratops were appearing in the valley. But the bad thing was, they were heading right towards them.

Aaron watch the huge dinosaurs make their way to the trailer, they were each twelve feet tall, and about thirty feet long.

They walked slowly but Aaron assumed that they could run faster if they really needed to. The smaller animals and the infants were held in the middle of the herd under the adult protection, that was thought only to have been done when they were being attacked or found themselfs in danger.

The herd stopped at the river, and they bent down their huge heads and began drinking. The smaller animals and the infants got to drink first, being closely guarded by the adults.

They finished drinking and began walking towards the trailer again.

"Hey guys come and see this." Aaron said, not taking his eyes off the triceratops's. Matt and Kate came over to the window and looked.

"They're heading right for us." Kate said.

"They'll probably not even notice us, or if they do they'll probably ignore us and keep on going." Aaron said.

"But no one has ever even seen these animals alive. How can we assume what they are going to do if all of a sudden they find themselfs with something they don't like?" Matt asked.

"We can't."

The herd was only about a hundred yards away now, and every so often, they stopped to eat some grass, then they started to move again.

"This is amazing." Aaron said, not taking his eyes off the herd.

They were very close now and they could easily hear the three ton animals grunting and snorting. Matt picked up his camera and turned on the flash.

"What are you doing?" Kate asked. "I'm taking a picture." He pressed the button and a flash filled the trailer and the triceratops herd stopped, dead in their tracks........

"What did you do?" Aaron asked.

"I took a picture."

"You used the flash."

"Well it's dark out, so it never would have come in if I hadn't." They looked back out the window to see a lone triceratops at least thirteen feet in height walk out of the herd and bent it's head down.....

"Uh-oh." Kate said. The triceratops bent it's head down and stomped it's feet as if it were a bull. Then it charged. It moved pretty fast for such a large animal, everyone crowded to the back of the trailer, Matt closed his eyes and muttered to himself.

"This is going to be bad."

The huge animal smashed into the side of the trailer, knocking it onto it's side. The trailer echoed with the sounds of glass shattering and metal twisting and bending. Things flew through the air and smashed against the walls. The trailer rested on it's side.

Matt slowly got up from his back and looked around, it was a wreck.

He climbed up onto something, when he looked down he saw it was actually one of the beds. He hit the door open, witch now was over their heads and looked outside, a triceratops was preparing to ram it again......

This time the blow wasn't as powerful but it still managed to shove the three ton trailer a few more feet through the dirt and grass.

Aaron slowly got up and looked around.

Matt looked back out the window to see the triceratops herd moving on, in the darkness he could see their blue bodies slowly moving away into the jungle.

"Shoot!" He heard someone yell.

He looked down to see Aaron standing up. Kate was sitting up against the wall and Andrew, Matt was surprised the old man had survived the knock.

Matt jumped down.

He looked on the wall, or actually in the trailers new position you might as well call it the floor. Glass was shattered all over and three portable radios lay on the floor. He picked them up and looked at Aaron.

"Hey." He said, Aaron looked up just as Matt was tossing a radio at him, he caught it and said,

"At least this is good."

Kate got up and began to search around the wall for something. Aaron and Matt looked down and said,

"What are you looking for?"

Kate stood up holding one of the rifle,

"These." Aaron looked on the floor (or the wall) to see the rifle and the other shotgun.

Aaron picked up the gun and Matt the rifle, "What about the shells?" He asked. Kate dug in her pocket and pulled out the other black cardboard box and tossed it at him. He looked in it to see about thirty-five bullets. He took them out and stuffed them in his pocket.

"Where to now?" Matt asked, Aaron wiped the blood off of his forehead.

Kate looked up and said,

"There's no where to go."

"Well we can't stay here." Matt said.

"What do you mean?" Kate asked.

"We can't stay here because the rex has been here before so he has the scent and probably scent-marked it. So if we stay here the rex'll come back and we won't be here any more."

"Then lets go."

They each climbed out of the tipped-over trailer one by one and stood beside it. Andrew, being the oldest stepped out last.

They all began to walk towards the river, but Aaron and Matt stopped immediately; because at that exact moment, an unearthly bellow shot through the air and shattered the silence.

Aaron clutched the rifle and whispered to Matt,

"Lock and load."

Matt pulled out five of the large bullets and loaded the gun, Kate did the same and they both clutched the large guns.

The bellows shot through the air once again, Matt's blood ran cold.

"It's sounds like there's two of them." Matt whispered.

"Run," Aaron started,

"Go for the jungle as fast as you can. Go!"

Everyone turned and ran towards the jungle, all of a sudden on the other side of the river, the Tyrannosaurus thrust it's huge body through the brush and roared, then an even larger one popped out and they both roared in the eerie moonlight.

They were still at least thirty yards from the patch of jungle, and then the rex's pounded into the river and sort-of trotted across, splashing water in every direction.

As fast as they were in the water, the first one shot up out of the water, and began to run across the small clearing. Both rex's were clearly twenty feet tall, but there was one that was clearly larger than the other.

Matt, Aaron and Kate jumped into the jungle and still began to run, all of a sudden, Andrew tripped and fell, Aaron turned to see the old man lying on the ground, staring at the rex's with fear, the tyrannosaur simply dipped down and picked him up in it's massive jaws. Then it hurled him back into it's huge five inch teeth, killing the old man instantly.

IT dipped it's head back, but before it could swallow him, the other rex, snapped it's jaws around the now dead old mans torso. The two rex's pulled their heads apart, ripping the body in two, the sounds of rippling flesh and snapping bones echoed in the night as a stream of blood shot through the night air.

Matt and Kate began to run forward, but Aaron didn't move.

"Come on!" Kate yelled.

"I could have saved him!" Aaron yelled back, clutching the rifle.

"The only thing you could've done was thrown yourself into it's jaws, now come on!" Matt yelled.

Matt stood up and aimed the rifle, he pulled the trigger once.

The blast sound of the rifle echoes in the night, he pulled the trigger again and the blast fired again, he missed.

"Damn scopes!" Matt yelled.

The three began to run, not daring to look back .

Kate's heart was beating unbelievably fast and strong, she clutched the rifle with her sweaty hands, all she could hear were screams.

The T-rex burst through the trees, and began to slowly walk forward through the jungle.

"Stop!" Aaron yelled.

Matt and Kate turned around, to see Aaron pointing to a huge rock.

"What is it?" Kate asked, whispering.

Aaron didn't reply.

"What is it?" Matt whispered.

Aaron still didn't say anything, he simply mouthed: cave.

Matt looked down to where he was pointing, sure enough, there was a cave, a small hole, with a rock shielding most of it.

all of a sudden, the two tyrannosaurs came into view.

"Run!" Kate yelled.

Matt and Kate make a wild dash towards the opening, Aaron was already inside. Both the tyrannosaurs bellowed, and began to run towards them, the earth shaking with every step.

Kate dashed into the cave, closely followed by Matt.

"Go to the back of the cave!" Aaron yelled, it was pitch dark, Matt

extended his hands in front of him and soon felt the rock back of the cave.

Matt turned to hear the two rex's snorting, and growling.

Their whole heads weren't in view and they couldn't see the eyes, all they could see was the bottom jaw, with the huge teeth sticking out. The next rex's bottom jaw appeared, Matt clutched the rifle, and pumped it.

He raised the rifle and aimed the barrel through the scope, directly at the rex's bottom jaw.

"What are you doing?" Aaron asked, putting his hand on Matt's shoulder.

"I'm going to scare them away." Matt replied, Aaron said nothing.

Matt rested his finger on the trigger and slowly pulled back.

The blast from the barrel lit up the cave for a second, the crack echoed extremely loud in the small cave, a small patch of blood squirted from the rex's bottom jaw. It bellowed in the night, and raised it's head.

Matt pulled the trigger again, this time only creating a small explosion, kicking up dirt just outside the cave.

The rex bellowed again and the sounds of heavy footsteps going away echoed in the cave, slowly disappearing.

Aaron silently moved to the front of the cave, sticking his head out the opening. He could see the two rex's already in the distance, slowly moving away.

Aaron got back int the cave, still pitch dark the other two couldn't see anything. Aaron was digging in his bag, and then it stopped.

A hiss echoed in the cave as a handheld flare ignited, lighting up the whole cave.

Aaron set the flare on the ground, and sat down, laying the white and silver gun down on the hard rock floor of the cave. Matt sat down,

"So what do we do now?"

"We stay here and wait for daylight."

"Sounds good enough."

"Anyways the rex's just ate so I don't think that they'll be back until at least tomorrow." Aaron said.

"Come on, show a little respect, their dinner was our friend, twice."

"I'm sorry about Jack and Andrew, it wasn't my fault."

"It wasn't any ones fault." Kate said stepping in.

"Now, I think that we should at least try to get some sleep."

"I'll agree with that." Matt said, curling up in a corner.

They all closed their eyes and slowly began to drift off.........

Kate slowly opened her eyes, she felt a slight pain in her leg and looked down. A small, one foot tall lizard, standing on two legs, with a long, but shallow snout, and a very long tail, it looked a lot like a small bird or something..

It was standing on her leg, she looked down to see the knee chewed off her khakis and her knee bleeding.

"Ow!" She yelled, shaking it off.

She stood up and clutched the rifle.

All of a sudden, three more of the small dinosaurs appeared.

"Scavengers." She muttered.

'They though I was dead." She added.

She cocked the gun and aimed it. She pulled the trigger, the rifle cracked.

"What the!?" Matt and Aaron yelled, waking up. A large gust of blood burst from the creatures small body, killing it instantly.

The others hissed, a cute hiss not at all menacing. They sprinted off, going out the small opening.

"What did you do that for?" Matt asked.

Kate turned around, "Didn't you see them?"

"See what?"

"Those." She said, pointing down at the small creature, it now had a large blood mark, going strait through it's body.

"Compy's." Aaron said.

"A what?"

"They're scavengers, small fast, will eat just about anything that's dead."

He looked up at Kate.

"How many were there?"

"About five or six." Kate said, setting the rifle down.

"Just as I thought." Aaron said. "A scavenging group, or a pack, they obviously though that you were dead." He said, pointing to her bloody knee.

"Never mind that thing, now come on lets go." Kate said, picking up the rifle. Matt and Aaron got up and picked up the gun's.

"Then let's go."

Matt crawled out the small opening, closely followed by Kate and then Aaron. "Where do we go?"

"Well, we stay in the jungle." Aaron said.

"We'll be able to outrun the rex's a lot easier by staying in the jungle."

"But what about smaller predators?" Kate asked.

"There's lot's of trees." Matt said.

They all began to slowly walk up a small hill.

As they went farther the jungle became more dense and hot. Matt wiped the sweat off his forehead, and loaded the rifle.

All of a sudden Aaron stopped.

"What is it?" Matt asked.

"Freeze and don't move." He replied.

Matt strained to see what Aaron was looking at, there was a nine foot tall, about twenty foot long creature with a long snout and long arms, it stood on it's two hind legs and was sniffing the air.

"What's that?" Kate asked.

"It's a Herrerasaurus. A carnivore, late Triassic to early Jurassic, one of the first carnivores." Aaron replied.

"I'm going to shoot once at it then, I want you guys to run away and climb a tree as fast as you can."

Aaron raised the large yellow gun and put his finger on the trigger.

He pulled the trigger and there was a hissing sound coming from the gun.

"What happened?" Kate asked.

"It's jammed."

The Herrerasaurus looked up at them and hissed.

Then it began to run towards them, at full speed.

"Run!" Aaron yelled.

The three took off, darting over bushes and around trees.

They didn't dare look back, they just kept running.

After running for another thirty seconds, Kate risked a glance, she looked over her shoulder to find themselfs alone.

"Stop." She said.

They all stopped running and took a deep breath.

"What happened to the gun?" Matt asked.

"It got jammed somehow." Aaron replied.

"As I thought, If you're seen in this place, you die."

Matt and Kate clutched their rifles.

All of a sudden the herrerasaurus burst from the bushes and snarled at them. Matt raised the rifle and pulled the trigger.

The gun cracked and blasted, the herrerasaurus jolted back as the bullet rammed into it. The herrerasaur snarled and once again began to chase them.

All of a sudden, Aaron tripped and screamed.

Matt turned around and began to run towards him.

"Matt no!" Kate yelled.

Matt dove for Aaron but the Herrerasaur hissed at him, Matt clutched the rifle and fired it twice. Blood squirted from the Herrerasaur's arm and from its leg, it lunged at Matt. He jumped back to Kate, the herrerasaur bit down hard on Aaron's neck, killing him instantly...

Kate and Matt ran for hours, not caring about the weakness of their legs and the heaviness of the rifles swung over their shoulders, they finally stopped on top of the tallest hill they could find.

All of a sudden, a low thumping noise shot through the air.

"What's that?" Matt asked.

They both looked around to see a sight that put smiles on their faces.

A helicopter, had landed in the valley.

The End