Cutting- that's what they call it.
Or one of these many others.

Self-harm, self-inflicted wounds, delicate cutting.

But whatever they call it, it doesn't mean shit.
Coz it doesn't diminish the fact that loads of people do it.

Self-harm- this is true you're hurting yourself to cause harm (duh).

Self-inflicted wounds – yeah, you get a sharp blade and cut until
the blood is pumping and the skin is sliced so deep, you see,
what you thought you'd never.

Delicate cutting- now that's a laugh, there's no such thing.
You do it to cause pain and watch the blade go deeper.

People know that this is rampant in the society of today.
I wonder how come no one talks about it, like every other
talk on sex, drugs and alcohol.
It seems this is becoming the preferred solution, instead of
getting drunk, although that's nice to.
Teenagers of today no longer want make up, cd's and books.
They want the sharpest blade, where to get thicker bandages and
advice when cuts get too deep or infected.

Parasuicide- before suicide maybe, or better yet, for suicide.
This is one of the many terms us cutters are referred to as.

In the end, no matter what, it's going to mean the same thing.
People who slash their arms, legs, stomachs, and ankles and
wherever they feel comfortable.

It's not going to make the blood stop flowing,
the tears stop streaming and the hate and pain subside.

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