Another night slipping by,

sleepless it seemed,

but I was dreaming of you…


Moonlight glittering on my eyelashes

and words, words I've never heard you say,

said like you meant them, the way I would

say them to you if I had the chance.

Maybe a fantasy that will never come true

pushes me into falling into you, forces reality

into becoming irrelevant.

No matter what you say that snaps

my heart in halves and later pieces

it back together.

I hope you wield the cards you hold with a gentle care.

Because you could pull me down in

a torrent of tears and a storm of emotion

with just a few words, or you could

give me wings to fly like I never have before.

And I'd let you be my song, my music:

dance into this chilled night air,

I can't see the moon tonight because I

am blinded by other bright passions

called clouds, but I can see the stars

and for once they aren't laughing at me.

I was dreaming of you…

and though you weren't dreaming of me,

I believed in you.