Bubbles Burst

Why do I do it?
I don't think I can answer that.
It's just something I do to take the pain away.
No one can understand especially non-cutters.
They only see the bad; they think it's disgusting.
They don't see the good effect it has on people like me.
Depressed, angry, sad ect this helps us through.
It gives us pleasure, where harsh words put us down.
Where bad glances make us paranoid, where people who
Don't understand ask questions.
I never want to stop coz I have this addiction.
I need to cut coz I like it, I don't do it for attention or
Sympathy or even for fun.
I do it coz this is what I've become.
The definition of me: depressed self-injurer and a bit psycho.
But I don't give a shit.
My family don't know, but in the end would they even care,
I don't think so, they'd be really freaked and send me to a psychiatrist.
Or better yet, come down with selective amnesia,
Next day would be like nothing happened.
That's my solace, my home.
I hate everything about it.
I never realised how fucked up I am.
How shit my life is, but you know what pisses me off so much,
Is that my friends think I have this perfect life, with not a care in the world.
But sorry to burst your bubble I don't, so get used to it.

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