Wanting Only Here

There are not enough tears

You could hang from the fingernail moon

As I stand out in the cold

Crying for something more

But even the salt laced star-drops

Stand frozen on my face

And I hate the way I look

At my own desires with a sense

Of belonging

I feel only here

I am only here

But where is this here

I hear about

And how can I get to a there

A there someone pointed me to in the distance


I stand alone

I stand frozen in the invisible snow

With the cold night above

Here I am

And here I stand

Alone and broken

I want to hang myself from the fingernail moon

Maybe there I would stand whole

Standing on the grasp of my imagination

Because I want you to come with me

I want you to jump off the moon with me

Because I know, the earth will catch us

When we fall away

Fall away with me

Because I know, you are alone

And I want you to stand with me

Stand with me

Because then both of us will never ever be

Alone again

God I want something more than here

But I will have everything when you are near

Me, but what am I

When all I can hear

Are the aliens abducting the trucks on the highway

And eerie sounds

Unspoken of in spell books

But spell me now

And spell here

Because I want you here

Frozen outside in the invisible snow

With your arms wrapped around

My neck and waist

I am your stars you would say

I am your moon

But I do not want to hang from you