Behind Blue Eyes

Chapter One

Aaron swallowed before he nodded his head. "Yeah I'm sure." His best friend's mouth dropped open. Or at least they used to be best friends.

"He's lying!" Cory screamed jumping out of his chair. "I never touched her!"

Beside Aaron his foster sister Kiyoe started to cry softly.

"Kiyoe!" Cory screamed. "Tell them!" He stared at confidently. Kiyoe's big brown eyes stared back tearfully. But she shook her head.

"No more Cory," she whispered.

Cory stared at her for a moment. Then, "Oh you stupid bitch!" he screamed. "How could you! How could either of you!"

Aaron tried to ignore him. I did the right thing, he said silently. He raped her and he knows it.

The officers were taking him away as Kiyoe started crying harder. Aaron put his arm around her shoulder and tried not to feel miserable.

He got what he deserved man, he told himself as he guided Kiyoe out the door. He's a sick perverted bastard who violated your sister. Kiyoe was shaking next to him.

Our foster dad is gonna be so pissed, Aaron thought remorsefully. Aaron's foster father and Cory were always good friends. But, lately Gary had taken to hitting Kiyoe whenever she did something wrong. And sometimes just when he was pissed off. Aaron wasn't big enough to fight him off. But Cory. . .

Aaron just always thought that Cory really did love Kiyoe. He had always stuck up for her, and never let anyone hurt her.

I guess he just couldn't take no for an answer, Aaron thought darkly, as he and Kiyoe stepped out into the cold December air. He tried hard not to think about the night he had found him on top on his foster sister.

It was just two nights ago. Aaron had gotten home from school after an hour of detention and had heard her screams. Then a few slaps all he could hear was the squeaking of the bed. He had raced upstairs and into Kiyoe's room. They weren't there. He ran into his own room and saw the disgusting site, of his foster sister lying on his bed tears streaming down her face and Cory's hand covering her mouth as he shoved himself inside of her over and over again.

He couldn't really remember much after that. Just small memory fragments. He remembered throwing Cory out of his room and giving Kiyoe her clothes back the holding her while she cried, then calling the police and trying to hide it all from Gary his foster father.

"He's gonna call Gary you know," Kiyoe said softly.

"I know," Aaron said.

"What are we gonna do?"

"Go home," he said. "There's nothing else we can do."

"Can't we spend the night somewhere's else?"

"You know what he'll do." Hit you, he added silently. Oh God Kiyo why can't I protect you better anyway? he demanded. Why can't I keep you safe?

"We should report him you know," she said sniffing a little. "We'll prolly get separated but . . ." she trailed off. They wouldn't be able to stand it if they were separated. Their bond was so tight. It was just. She was never going to think of him as anything else then a brother. And he couldn't love her any less then how he did. He could only long for her night after night day after day wishing she cold love him they way he thought she loved Cory.

Snowflakes started to gently fall from the sky adding more chill to the night as they neared the home they shared with Gary.

Aaron squeezed her shoulders. "Let's just go to my room and lock the door," he said softly. "We'll be ok." We can climb out the window in the morning." She nodded shakily as they climbed the porch stairs and he reached out to twist the knob.

The door swung open. Gary stood in the doorway. He was a tall lean twenty-nine year old who fostered kids to keep a roof ever his head.

"You little bitch," he hissed and tore Kiyoe from Aaron's arms pulling her inside. Aaron reached out and grabbed her arm yanking her back.

"Gary he raped her!" Aaron screamed pushing her behind him. "You can't yell at her for that!"

"Bullshit she's a little bitch ass liar!" Gary yelled shoving him out of the way and grabbing Kiyoe by the throat. He walked over and slammed the door before he threw her down on the floor.

"Gary!" Aaron screamed running over and jumping on his back. But the sixteen year old was nothing to the man. He slammed him on the floor and kicked his ribs hard.

"Don't fucking mess with me kid!" Gary yelled. "I'm not in the fucking mood!" She puleld Kiyoe to her feet and pushed her up against the wall. "Tomorrow morning you're going down tot the station and changing your statement," he hissed.

"But," she protested, starting to tremble her short dark hair falling over her face.

He slapped her hard. "Don't fucking ask questions!" he barked. She pushed her away from him toward the staircase. "Both of you get up there!"

Aaron stumbled to his feet and grabbing Kiyoe 's hand they both ran up the stairs as quickly as they could. They didn't stop until they reached the safety of Aaron's room and double locked the door.

"I can't," Kiyoe said whimpered sitting down on his bed.

"Can't what?" he asked her.

"I can't change my statement," she whispered hugging her arms around herself. A single tear rolled down her cheek.

"Hey don't worry," Aaron whispered sitting next to her and closing her arms around her shoulders. "You won't have to."

"Why?" she said her voice starting to break. "What the hell can we do?"

Aaron didn't say anything. "We could run," he said softly.

"Run where? He'd catch us eventually."

"We could go to my parents place for a couple of nights," he suggested half heartedly. He knew as well as she did that his parents would turn him away the second he showed up on their doorstep.

"Your parents don't care," she whispered.

He sighed squeezing her shoulders. "We could just run Kiyo," he said. "I don't care where, we'll figure that out later."

She looked at him. "We can't just run Aaron we'll freeze," she whispered her voice shaking.

"Then we'll go in the morning," he said lowering his voice. "Look Kiyo it's either that or your gonna have deal with Cory's shit again. We can figure something out. It'll be ok."

She closed her eyes letting a few stray tears trail down her face. Then painfully she nodded.

"Ok," he breathed. Moving over he pressed his lips against her cheek. "Now go to sleep. We'll have to leave early."

She leaned against him cuddling into his chest, without replying. He wrapped his arms around her tightly falling back on the mattress. Closing his eyes he fell into a deep sleep forgetting about Cory, and Gary, and what the hell he was supposed to do tomorrow.

It was still dark when Aaron awoke. Kiyoe was sleeping peacefully next to him. He checked his watch: 5:30. Time to go.

"Kiyo," he whispered shaking her gently. "Kiyo get up babe."

Her eyes opened slowly. She blinked a few times before her eyes focussed. "What time is it?" she whispered.

"Early," he said. "Come on let's go."

She closed her eyes a second more, before sitting up and rubbing her eyes. "Ok," she whispered.

He slipped his hand into hers pulling her off the bed. He slowly twisted the knob. "You ready." She shook her head. He squeezed her hand reassuringly. "It'll be ok," he whispered. Then he opened the door, and they stepped out into the hallway.

Gary's door was closed as they moved soundlessly past it. When they finally reached the stairs, Aaron stopped, listening for any sounds. They whole house was silent except for Kiyoe's soft breathing. Hesitantly they made their way down the staircase treading softly stopping at the tiniest noises and creaks until they finally reached the bottom, only a few feet away front the front door.

Their bones practically melded together now, he walked over first closing his hand arround the knob and twisting.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?"