I'm just a circle in time


against my love for you


morning due on my eye lashes

to keep me ever pure against you as you sleep.

Circling love

breaking the stained glass windows of my body.


am I

within the thought of my last name

foreign to me

though it has held my first captive all my life.

To leave this place

would be my progress halted

and satisfaction distilled through this fountain of time and age

spitting me out

just to welcome me back again.

Is it possible to age twenty years in twenty seconds?

I feel my skin slack and wrinkle

as though I have lived a life time with you.

I can taste

the thought of our children

against my tongue like ice cream

beautiful babies

a combination of my spirit

and their father's beauty.

Life is short

and I feel him stir in his soundless form.

Is it possible to fall through time as I do?

To be a child

as well as your wife

in the same collapsing second.

I'm waiting

in the silence

to fell my belly filled

first with your love

and then with your children

but in the spec of a moment I realize that

I am still very much a child.