Nightingale Lover

Your nothing like him

so your hand

on my hips

wont keep me interested in what you might have to say to me.


oh, how you love

and oh,

how your in love with me

yet I see

all of the other little girls;

nightingale shaded

little girls

that you bring your kiss to each night.

My window is closed

yet still I feel you

ache across the glass like a dove

warming to the idea of my breast tonight.


you think you can take hold of me

like he did


that everything with us is over

as though

my flesh were not just a brand

scared with his name

fancy tattoos

and lettering

proclaiming me

to the owner

of lover

against lost-love.



inside the rearview mirror

of fate

I see you crawling toward me

teeth clenched

ready to rip me to shreds

at the first sight of my sigh

against your cheek.

I see you


and waiting for me

to bend my hand across the balcony and proclaim

that I have been waiting for you

as though your touch

were now needed for me to close my eyes each night.


your nothing like him

standing beside me

hands everywhere

against me.

My body

is mine

but I allow you

to take hold

out of my fright and loneliness.

I know what you want me to do




into your arms

and let you carry me over to the bed

and lace me up


"Please be the one to save me

from everything so painful.

I'm scared to death

of living alone

without the touch

and inspiration of love

that keeps me afloat

on this raging river!"

I see your eyebrows furrow

he loved it when I spoke in riddles.

I want you to know

that this helpless state of surrender

is the nightingale

at my window

giving me wisdom

I want you to know that I see you for what you are

and your lips

on my neck

won't fool me into thinking

that your desperation

to get inside of me

is love.

I believe

that you adore my words

and I know that you want to be the phantom hand

guiding my pen

about the streamline of you


I don't think

that being naked in front of you will expose me any further then you would wish.


your nothing like the one

who's left my side

nothing like the


underneath me


that he was mine

and I

only his.

White washed


of picket fences


inside your scream.



fall out of my arms

and trail your way back down my roof.

I've put my hair up

and held my hands low

ready for the silence

and submission of being alone tonight

and you

your presence

won't change my mind.