Mononoke Hime

Mononoke Hime is about a girl named San (Mononoke Hime) who was raised and lives with "mountain dogs." Mononoke Hime is set during the Muromachi Period and is about a fight between humans and the creatures that inhabit the forest. Many different factors play into this movie, such as greed, prejudice and intolerance. This movie plays into every day life, not just the movie itself. Mononoke Hime shows what happens when you get greedy, and/or prejudice.

Greed plays a big part of this movie. When Eboshi (the city leader) wanted the Shishigami's (the forest god) head for money, power, and finally eternal life. Eboshi went to all extremes to make sure this was carried out. She'd kill boars, cut down the forest trees, and kill other animals. Another part of Greed is where Ashitaka had his own personal vendetta to see the "curse" cured, that he went through all extremes to make sure. He set out on one agenda, not concerned with another until faced with the realization. Only then, did Ashitaka not think about his own greed.

San and/was prejudice to Ashitaka just because he's human. The ironic thing, is, that San is also human, but is still showing prejudice to Ashitaka. Ashitaka explained to San that not all humans were bad, and some could be good, but San refused to believe it, until Ashitaka saved her life. She distrusted and disliked humans because of the fact they were destroying the forest. Another form of prejudice is when the apes wanted to kill Ashitaka and Yukuu just because Ashitaka was human. The apes believed that since the humans were killing off the forest, no humans should ever be allowed to enter. San stood up for Ashitaka, even though she disliked humans, which shows the prejudice, getting better.

I believe Miyazaki was trying to tell us that everyone has two sides of a personality and that people can change even if they do make mistakes. Every person can be nice and loving, then later on, be cold and distant. Mononoke Hime represents everything that is good about humanity and ultimately bad.

Be careful for what you wish for, Eboshi got exactly that. She wished for the Shishigami's head, and she got it, at a price. Eboshi wanted the head so badly she ended up giving up an arm just for the head, but in the end, the Shishigami received its head back, from Ashitaka, and San.

Everybody has both good and bad in them, and is capable of making their own choices. I believed San did realize that, and when she saved Ashitaka, she made that choice, which would have (did) alter the movie from what he could have been. Eboshi was a nice person and a good leader to her people, but when San came around she was mean, cruel, distant, and unyielding.

Ashitaka had nothing to lose, which is why he fought the best. When you have nothing to lose, you fight the best. Ashitaka knew, he was going to die with the curse, thus, he had absolutely nothing to lose. He fought to protect San, while trying to attempt to be a peacemaker between Eboshi and San. Ashitaka did not take a side, but rather was fighting for both sides, which is more than a lot of people can do.

Eboshi didn't understand San. Eboshi did not want to get along with San, but rather kill her, for being nothing except a "mountain dog" to the forest, and help protecting it. Eboshi didn't understand why San was protecting the forest from herself. We should strive to understand and get along with those who are different from ourselves.

I believed this was a good movie, and it showed nature vs. man very well. Technically I believed neither man nor nature won, the fact that Eboshi paid a price for receiving the Shishigami's head (her arm getting cut off). San paid price of the forest, while trying to save it, ultimately ended in destroying the forest. Eboshi, San, Ashitaka, the Shishigami, and the people of the city also paid an ultimately price; their pride. They battled each other like wild dogs, without at least trying to come to some understanding. This is why I believed Mononoke Hime was a good movie.

b>Author Note: /b> This story was written for Japanese after we watched Mononoke Hime. All names are NOT created by me, but the basic idea/opionion of about the essay are mine.