You sit and watch the sunset sink while your eyes well up with tears,

You always try to fool yourself pretending someone cares.

You stand and watch the world pass by with all its judgement and its pain,

And try reassure yourself but you know it's all in vain.

You lay and see the stars come out suppressing all your fears,

You scream for help every passing day though you know no one hears.

You cry and cry till your eyes run dry and hope it's soon the end,

And wait for the past to go away so your wounds can start to mend.

You feel the wind so icy and cruel, biting at your skin,

And fight back as hard as you can but you know that soon they'll win.

You long for the home that was once yours and pray for the time to come,

When you can leave this dreaded place and no longer feel so numb.

You fight for he breath you need so much and gasp out one last word,

Then fall dead in a pool of blood, for your screams were never heard.