I was once an innocent boy

I didnt hate any one, i didnt harm any one

but one day........they through it all away

of all my friends i didnt trust, there was none

The more I look the more I see

That the seeming motto of me

is and has always been

"Et tu Brute?"

I had it all, freinds, and smarts

Then she comes and me she destroys

She turned all my freinds against me

every single one

"Et tu Brute?"

Even my three friends i had known since

my life began

"Et tu Brute?"

I sat alone

my once warm loving heart turned cold

and the little boy inside


Betrayed by his only true friends

"Et tu Brute?"

And then I sat and made a vow

no longer restrained by the boy's conscience

I would hunt them down

one by one

and ruin their lives until they

were forced to say

"Et tu Brute?"