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Summary: Fate had a toy. Her name was Tamara. Tamara Elva Elmer. Surviving through an incident that scarred her heart, she and her brother trekked through life together. He was always her guard, daring any man to get close to his baby sister, and she was always his inspiration, a shining beacon in times of sadness. Never did he know that the one man who he trusted her with, would be the one man to break her. Never did she know that she would be caught in a love triangle. In a world where everyone fights to survive, what is a girl to do?

Fate's Toy


"Why? WHY! Why Daniel? Why are you doing this to me?" The words gushed out in cries of pain as a middle aged woman fell on her knees, clutching the white letter in her right hand. Tears rushing down her cheeks, she just looked at the floor, pounding it, beating out the pain in her heart. Wishing she could just die, she felt a weird sensation. The quickening of her heart. The seizing pain in her lungs. The blackening of her vision. Wishing her pain would be over, she let the pain overtake her. With one last glance at the letter, the black overtook and she fell to the ground, a overwhelming sadness gracing her beautiful face.

She never saw as two figures came running up to her, attracted by her screams. As she collapsed, they collapsed beside her, tears streaming along their faces. She never heard as they cried one word, one hopeful, aching cry, "Mommy!"

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