SAT vocabulary

Are you finished?

What smart kids

Go play with a rubix cube

School is just too easy

Everything's too easy

If it's possible for "normal" children

Unlike you

You're "gifted"

Never take the easy way out

All honors

Someone else signs you up

Someone who knows what's best

And honestly believes

That you'll love European History

Because you're gifted

And what else would you do

With your Sunday afternoons?

Maybe I didn't get an A

I'm sorry

You told me not to stress

I've been yelled at for it

Then you turn around and tell me

To "do something" about it

I need "after school" help

I'm the dumbest of the bright

But I know that's not true

Would you prefer the girl

Who makes friends for competition

With "lesser" gifted kids

So she'll never feel threatened

And she can grin with the satisfied smile

Of a "special" girl with a gold star

Who, beyond spelling "indemnification"

At the age of six

Is completely BORING?

Sorry I wear black

And I don't work for the gold star

Or the candy

Or a smile from a teacher

I work for something I want

Bigger than recognition

And an overstuffed envelope

From a summer intelligence program

To give me bragging rights

Granted I want good grades

And I want those envelopes

And I can stand the rubix cube

But I'm tired of having to be perfect

Especially when the reward

Is being surrounded by kids

Who think they're better than me

Because their gold star

Is more sparkly