I want to spit words that cut people like knives

I want them to hear the anger and fear for their lives

Fear piercing their heart and terror grabbing their soul

Making them want to hide in a deep dark hole

I wish my eyes could burn people with a simple glance

That the pain would hurt them so bad they would be in a trance

I want my blue eyes to scorch their skin and make them cry

So they look at me and cry over and over "why?"

It's simple why I want to hurt people so bad

Because they are the ones who made me sad

Using myself against me and playing with thoughts in my head

Making me feel like crap and making me want to be dead

They are the ones who made my life into the hell that it is now

Then there are the ones who just stood by and would allow

Letting all the others have a shot at my soul and my heart

Making sure that my body and mind were being torn apart

So when you wonder why I try to hurt you with all I got

It's cause you hurt me, or when it happened you didn't do squat