(Ramble on Rilo)


Go on Rilo
Push your glasses up and knock-sock-em till he's dead
You curly haired queen of sugar coated dreams
Convince him that the pinstripes are really freedom
Not a cheap metaphor between uniforms to
Keep him occupied between now and his inevitable occupation that
Is really something else since everyone he meets goes: "Man
You are really something else" Little do they know their own high-noon foreshadows
Cast from the regret of their preciously precocious high school whores
Who know their own name as well as they don't know yours
And looking at them and their three am lovers you're
Convinced that you're stark raving sane


Come on Rilo
Please don't come around this way
I was never a spotlight lover
And he was never the kind who could bring himself to stay
If you get together you'll never come together
Or you'll degrade yourself to writing poetry about shattered glass and rain


Right on Rilo
Touch your eyes they're your only ones
Until your boy comes back to town
He's always on the move: moving feet by moving fingers
Oh such a glittering glitter glitter-gone
As full of shit as he is of beauty and then some