(Author's Notes: Okay. People don't understand what I mean in my poems. So I thought I might try a separate explanation? I know people either really want an explanation or really don't want an explanation, so I thought I'd get your opinion and either keep on with the explanations or continue to not do it. I'm not really fond of doing it, but with it in a separate chapter I don't mind so much. I don't know. Here we go...)

(Ramble on Rilo)


Go on Rilo
(Rilo, the poet from "Death By Tap Shoes & Cigarettes", who "wrote" this in that story, is writing to herself about herself and Raphael.)
Push your glasses up and knock-sock-em till he's dead
(She has glasses and Raphael kissed her. Now she wants to stun the hell out of him because she has a thing for him. It's a pep talk.)
You curly haired queen of sugar coated dreams
(She has curly hair and Raphael tells her that she is completely made out of sugar. She's also naive and so she "sugar coats" things for herself, like her and Raphael's relationship-ish-thing.)
Convince him that the pinstripes are really freedom
(Raphael has a thing for wearing pinstriped pants. He wears them night & day. She's talking about convincing him that the pinstripes are really part of his self-expression instead of a daily routine that he's trapped in.)
Not a cheap metaphor between uniforms to
(Compares his self-imposed "uniform" of pinstripes to cliche jail uniform stripes)
Keep him occupied between now and his inevitable occupation that
(He's busying himself with pinstriped pants, black fedoras and guitar jazz, even though he'll probably end up having to do something else with his life, because jazz isn't a hit with the times anymore.)
Is really something else since everyone he meets goes: "Man
(Everyone he meets that finds out he's such a talented guitarist tells him he'll be famous.)
You are really something else" Little do they know their own high-noon foreshadows
(But Raphael won't be famous, and the thoughts about their own future fame won't happen either.)
Cast from the regret of their preciously precocious high school whores
(The girls who have sex with them because they're convinced that all guitarists are destined for fame and they just want a connection with that elusive notoriety.)
Who know their own name as well as they don't know yours
(They don't even really know the names of the guys they sleep with and/or they forget the names because these guys never do hit fame and they don't matter anymore.)
And looking at them and their three am lovers you're
(Rilo's thinking about how she doesn't sleep around with these destined for fame boys, most notably Raphael.)
Convinced that you're stark raving sane
(And she knows that not sleeping with him is the best thing she can do, no matter how much she wants to.)


Come on Rilo
(Still talking to herself, she just had a flicker in her thought process.)
Please don't come around this way
(She's asking herself not to get into a relationship with Raphael.)
I was never a spotlight lover
(She's so engrossed in her writing that she slips up and makes a confession in first person: that she was never good at relationships, especially if other people are paying attention. So if Raphael were to become famous she isn't sure about how she'd deal with that.)
And he was never the kind who could bring himself to stay
(Raphael isn't very good with relationships period and he's not too stable with their friendship to begin with. She thinks he'd cheat on her without even thinking about it.)
If you get together you'll never come together
(If her and Raphael get into a relationship it'll never work out. The "never come together" part is actually a crude reference to sex and how they wouldn't even be able to climax together, let alone devote their lives to the other person.)
Or you'll degrade yourself to writing poetry about shattered glass and rain
(When they broke up, or if she'd allow him to simply break her heart, she wouldn't be able to just admire him anymore. She'd get depressed and write crappy teen-angst poems that compare her soul to shattered glass and her tears to rain and all that lame crap.)


Right on Rilo
(Again, a flicker in her thoughts. She's trying to psyche herself up to not do anything, even though outside of her poetry she'll probably go after him anyway. At least writing this has been a step for her contradicting nature.)
Touch your eyes they're your only ones
(She only has two eyes and she should use them for herself, not waste them by spending her time staring at Raphael.)
Until your boy comes back to town
(But she kind of gives up because she knows that she can only not think of Raphael like she shouldn't, if he's not there.)
He's always on the move: moving feet by moving fingers
(He's always going from place to place, playing guitar that gets people liking his music and dancing like people used to dance.)
Oh such a glittering glitter glitter-gone
(In the first chapter of the story it talks about his "glittering guitar stings." Fast paced chords and what-not. So, the glittering guitar strings are glittering with jazz (more "glitter"), even though jazz is really dead (And "gone".)
As full of shit as he is of beauty and then some
(He's beautiful to her, but he's still full of shit and complexity.)

(Author's notes: Uh, tada? So. Was that interesting, or could it be interesting if I explained it more carefully, or do you like being confused? There's more thinking to it than simply what I explained, but it's too abstract to point those things out. I kind of write in layers, so everything is quite complicated...)