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Her hair seems to shine in the sunlight. It always bothers me when it does that. Mainly because it reminds me that in reality, she comes from all things good... and I don't. She stands there with her back to me, and I know it's because she couldn't make eye contact with me right now even if she wanted to. I impulsively light a cigarette and stand, walking towards her. I reach my hand out to touch her shoulder, and I feel her tense under my touch. She then takes two large steps forward and turns around.

"Go ahead, leave. It's not like it's anything new." I say, a little too harshly, letting the smoke run out of my mouth.

She looks away, down at her perfectly manicured feet; her expression unreadable.

"You think you're such a badass, Jason, like you're just insusceptible to emotion." She says softly, but her anger is apparent.

"You've made me this way." This time, I'm the one to look away.

She pushes some of her blonde hair away from her face and sighs deeply. She's tired. "I'm going." She finally says.

She grabs a nearby shirt that's on the floor, maybe it's hers, maybe it's mine. And then she leaves. I stand there, not feeling so dazed. I knew it was coming. But that's the problem with me and Jessica. In the end, it's always just me.


There used to be a greying tower alone on the sea
You, became the light on the dark side of me
Love remains, a drug that's the high and not the pill
But did you know that when it snows
My eyes become large
And the light that you shine can't be seen?

-Kiss From a Rose, by Seal.


3 Months Earlier.

"Ah, Mr. Denton. Why am I not surprised you'd show up 20 minutes late to my class and have an impassive look on your face."

I scan the crowded English classroom, filled with all the preppy people that I hate in this school. I crack a smirk and glance back at the teacher, Mr. Robinson.

"Traffic. What can I say?" I say, heading towards my seat. The class lets out a snicker and Mr. Robinson glares at me a bit.

"So, I'll be seeing you at 3:30 today then?" Mr. Robinson says, handing me a detention slip.

"Be there or be square." I take the sheet from his hand, crumpling it and tossing it in the garbage can nearby.

Jessica Peterson, preppy bitch # 4 in this class turns around and rolls her eyes at me with a look of disgust. She then turns around and says something to the other preppy bitch next to her. Like I give two shits what she thinks of me anyway.

"Now," Mr. Robinson starts, while picking up a piece of chalk, "Since they decided to make it the English teacher's responsibility to give out the information on the beloved senior class trip-"

He's cut off when the jocks and preps let out whooting noises. He clears his throat and they quiet back down.

"As I was saying... this upcoming 3-day weekend is the trip to Mt. Vernan. It costs 30 dollars, and you need to have your permission slip in by Thursday. You'll get out of class at noon on Friday, and then return on Monday at around 4."

He drags on with more details, I don't listen because I don't even consider going on it. I hate this school and everyone in it, so why would I go on a 3-day trip with them? He hands out the permission slips, and I slide mine into my pocket.

"Also, because our turn out last year was so low, I am offering extra credit to those who attend. And for some of you... it might just be what you need." He adds.

He stands and opens up his teacher's manual. "We're actually going to do some work in this class today none the less. Open your books to page 357..."

I lay my head on my desk, since I didn't bring my book. I attempt to fall asleep when I hear Jessica in front of me whisper,

"Oh shit, I forgot my book."

I glance up and notice her frantically trying to look like she has her book. Mr. Robinson spots her and casts a glare upon the two of us.

"Jason," He sighs deeply walking towards me, "I am not surprised that you didn't bring your book. But you, Jessica..." He trails off, walking up to his desk and getting out the detention slips.

"You have got to be kidding me." Jessica whispers.

Mr. Robinson hands her one and just glares at me. "One detention is enough for today, Jason."

Jessica spins around. "Just because he's a lowlife who doesn't bring his book everyday doesn't mean he should be treated better. Give him another detention."

Mr. Robinson raises an eyebrow. "Do you want another one too for questioning my teaching methods, Jessica?"

I can't help but laugh. "Careful there, prom queen."

She flips me off which Mr. Robinson just ignores and walks away. "So, I get to spend my afternoon with Jason Denton and Jessica Peterson. Interesting." He says, picking up his teacher's manual and attempting to start class again.


The bell for last hour rings, and I sigh in relief. Then I remember I have that detention with Mr. Robinson. And I get to attend it with Jessica Peterson. I hang a left and walk towards his classroom. I walk in and take a seat near the front. She's not here yet. Maybe she'll skip it.

"-Yeah, yeah. A fucking detention. I'm so pissed off. It's like... everyone else doesn't bring their books and he chooses this day to nail me. ...Exactly. Yeah, and now I'm late to cheerleading practice. ...Ok, I'm at the classroom. I'm gonna go. Ok, I love you too Nick."

She walks into the classroom, talking on her cellphone, Gucci purse slung on her arm.

"Right on time." I say, leaning back in my chair.

She doesn't even respond, but instead stares blankly ahead at Mr. Robinson.

"I know detention sucks and everything, but it's not firey hell or anything." I say.

Mr. Robinson glances up at us. "Leave her alone, Jason. She's not used to detention like you are." He says, giving me a condoning look.

I roll my eyes and glance back at Jessica. She's staring at me, like she's about to say something, but then looks away and paws through her purse for some lip gloss.

This should be an interesting detention.


Back to the Future - 3 Months Later.

I see her, standing by her locker, talking to that jocky boyfriend of hers. She doesn't know how much it actually hurts to see her with him. She doesn't care though. That's just the type of person she is. I walk by at a leisurely pace, making sure to make eye contact with her. Her eyes look like that of a mad person. I quicken my pace and go to my locker. I spin the dial, but I feel hot breath on my neck. I spin around and see her, in all her Abercrombie glory.

"What are you, my stalker?" She says, in almost a whisper.

I shrug, attempting to play it off. "Had to walk down that hall."

She sighs, looking away from me. "I'm going to class." She says.

A few seconds of silence pass, and the bell rings. The hallway becomes flooded with people as they head towards their 1st class. I shut my locker, and lean against it, staring at her.

"I'll see you later, in English." I say softly.

She runs a hand through her perfectly straight hair, nods slightly, and starts to walk away. She gets about 4 steps down the hall before she turns back around at me.

She goes to say something, I can tell by the look in her eyes, but she turns again and descends down the hall towards class. I sigh, stare at the last remaining people in the hall until the bell sounds again. I'm late for class, but I don't really care. I'll just skip 1st period.


3 Months Earlier.

Chew on my pen. Glance at Jessica. Set the pen down. Glance at the clock. Pick the pen up again. Mr. Robinson looks up from his paperwork, then at his watch.

"All right guys, I guess you can leave. Next time, be on time," He gazes at me, "And bring your books to class."

Jessica sighs, relieved and stands up. She looks at me for a second, before heading for the door. I smirk slightly, and then follow her to the door.

"Hold it right there, Mr. Denton." Mr. Robinson says behind me. I spin and face him.

"What?" I say, anxious to get out of here.

"I need to have a word with you... about the senior class trip."

I raise an eyebrow. "What about it?"

"Do you plan on going?" He asks.

I let out a laugh. "Yeah, of course. Gonna go have a blast with all my buddies at this school. Get real."

He sighs. "Didn't you hear my bit about the extra credit?"

"Yeah, I heard it. But you're gonna have to throw in a million dollars to get me to go."

"You're just on the brink of a passing grade. Go on the trip and I'll pass you."

I roll my eyes. "Give me a break. Do you know the kind of torture that would be? I hate this school"

"Well, you need English to graduate. You want to spend another year here?" He asks.

I fiddle with the hem of my shirt. "No. Of course I don't."

"Then I suggest you give it some thought." He looks away, ending the conversation.

I stand there for another second, before turning and walking out.

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