"This," Denton said, while kicking his shoe at a box laying on Jessica's bedroom floor, "has got to go."

Jessica whined, eyeing the box stuffed to the brim with stuffed animals. "Come on, Denton. I know there's more room in the U-Haul!"

He rolled his eyes. "Jess, what need do we exactly have for a bunch of stuffed animals at the apartment?"

She frowned. "Well, I always told myself if I ever had kids, that I'd, you know, hand them down?" She smiled hopefully.

He felt his resolve crumbling. "Fine, fine!" He said, tossing his hands up in the air. "But when we don't even have room to move in the new place, don't come crying to me sister."

She beamed, picking up the box, before having Denton glare at her and take it from her. "I told you, no carrying boxes. I still have to play the gentleman act up as long as your parents are around."

He disappeared down Jessica's staircase outside to the U-Haul.

It had been a good summer for the both of them. Somehow, most likely due to Daddy's convincing, she was able to escape the two-year minimum stay in the dorm and opted to move into Denton's new apartment that he had close to his community college campus. And that was something Denton had nothing to complain about.

He tossed the box on top of the other millions of boxes and bags of clothes that were coming with Jessica to the new place. And even though this whole process had been annoying as hell, he couldn't help but let a small smile snake it's way across his face as he scanned over the stuff in the truck. Living with Jessica was going to be the start of a new adventure, but he was sure the two of them could make it.

Startled out of thought, Jessica came outside and stood next to him, eyeing up the damage they'd done with all of her stuff.

She nibbled on her bottom lip. "Think it's too much?" She asked, looking back up at him.

He glanced down at her, "Nah, we've got the room. I kinda figured the closets in the house would belong to you, and I'd be able to keep my stuff in the dresser. I mean, I've seen your closet upstairs Prom Queen, I knew this was not going to be an easy task."

She laced her hand with his. "I'm still trying to figure out how you put up with me?"

He glanced down at her, puzzled. "I could ask you the same thing."

She smiled, that big beautiful smile of hers, and leaned up a tad to kiss him softly. "Guess it's love then, huh?"

He took the sunglasses off her face and smiled. "Guess so."


Kay, so this could have been better, but I wanted to complete the story in full. Basically, it's set three months after graduation, and they're moving into an apartment together. No one's mentioned anything about wanting a sequel, and to be honest, I'm not sure I could even think of anything else to write about other than them having a family, etc. But, I am so glad I finished this little gem finally. I want to thank all of the readers and reviewers, because without you, this story wouldn't have ever happened. I hope you guy's liked it. As far as another story, I have some ideas, but I'm not real sure yet. Might just take a break from writing. We'll see. But it's been fun readers, until next time, catch ya later!

- Slayin-Em