I couldn't have felt happier

I loved you oh so much

I craved the words you whispered

I craved your soft calm touch

I was caught up in the magic

As I was caught up in your arms

I worshipped your every breath

You fixed me with your charms

I would have given everything

If you had asked me to

I would have done anything

That you wanted me to do

But little did I know

These thoughts also filled your mind

You too were giving everything

Leaving all you had behind

Because before you had met me

Your life had been planned out

Everything was set for you to leave

But I'd caused you to doubt

Now you were staying here

Changing your life's course

You said our love was stronger

Stronger than any force

But I couldn't let that happen

Let you throw your life away

I didn't want to be the one

That caused now to stay

It was then that I decided

I knew what I must do

Although it hurt me deeply

Later it would help you

My head said I was right

Though my heart said I'd regret

Although I had to do it

You, I'd never forget

I came to your house

And knocked on your front door

I said we had to end this

I didn't love you anymore

I watched as your smile vanished

I watched as your heart did break

I saw the sadness in your eyes

Was this a big mistake?

But I knew it would be right

Though it didn't feel so now

I knew you would pull through it

Though me, I don't know how

I hated to see you hurting

Knowing it was me that caused you pain

I hated to see those blue eyes sad

I was falling in love with you again

I wanted to run to you

Hold you and squeeze you tight

I wanted you to hold me back

Tell me I'd be alright

But instead I turned and left

I couldn't stand here anymore

As tears formed in my eyes

Behind my love I closed the door

Once alone my heart did break

As tears rolled down my face

I longed for you beside me

Longed to feel your warm embrace

And now I know you left

As you had always said you would

I let you live your perfect life

Though I hadn't thought I could

And I know my heart won't heal

I will never love again

I will always recall your face

As alone I shall remain