I'm re-editing Gothina again, but this time heavier than ever before. I think the story's actually a bit flat, so there's going to be quite a few changes. For instance, April's mother won't be so dire; there will still be the same level of indifference, but they'll communicate more.

April talks quite a lot about school life, but there aren't really any scenes set in school, so I'll be focusing on her weekly life too. I'm also going to add another character, a friend of April's, who doesn't know why April suddenly became so sombre and withdrawn, and tries to get April to open up to her.

The Under-earth will be slightly different. Before it was just a barren plain with the temple, the transporting stone and a few bunkers. I'm going to add in rocks and dead trees, and there'll be a lot more buildings that the vampires live in. I'm very vague when it comes to the matter of vampires commuting between the Under-earth and Above. Most of the vampires will now live in the Under-earth, though younger ones such as April remain Above till they themselves feel old enough.

I'll also add in parts that shed light on Gothina's personal life, so I might have a scene where April has to attend to her in her chambers (which currently feature only in Ghonia).

The Vampire Staff needs a slightly bigger part in the novel, as you all know how important it turns out to be in the end. The first time you're aware of it is when Gothina leads April to the Chamber of Birth, and even then it's only a passing "she held the Vampire Staff, an artefact that she always kept close to her…" or something like that…lame…

Anyway, I'd like feedback on your opinion of these impending changes!