The wolf: a being that exists in a pack.

A pack: family, alpha male, she-wolf, pups, survival.

The wolf is one that shall always seek a family, a home, a pack. It is in their very nature to be together.

Lone wolf: cast out.

The black wolf in the falling snow, driven away from its den, shunned by the very ones it has always needed. Now it must find a way to run the snowy path alone.

Lone wolf: forgotten.

White wolf in pouring rain, its mother killed at a young age and abandoned by its own pack. It found a way to survive, but while its instincts cry out for companionship, it has been by itself.

Lone wolf: alone.

Forever searching for a pack it will never find. Curled up miserably alone on a moonless night, its every howl left unanswered. An existence that the wolf in a pack cannot imagine, not even in its worst nightmares. An existence driven by yearning for what shall never be his…

Why should he keep moving forward when he shall never be complete?

Why should he care whether or not he dies when he has nothing to live for?

But that is another instinct of the wolf:

Never giving in to the world…

And so he is a wolf, just as proud as any pack wolf.

That's the Wolf. Bonus! Character Description: The Oracle

The Oracle is not what one would expect. She has the appearance of a young girl no older than eight on the first look, but look again and one could tell that she is something quite different.

Her eyes have no true colour; they are grey, they are blue, they are brown, but not any mixture of colours. Her eyes don't appear shallow; though you can't see any depth you know it's there, you just can't see it.

She looks as if she knows everything, but she doesn't look smug. She has a small smile on her face, but it is different than a human smile.

Some people suppose that the reason she smiles is she knows what's to happen but she doesn't care, some people think it's because she is a malicious being, and that the smile was smug, but those are not the real reasons.

The real reason the Oracle smiles is because she knows that she will never have to be part of the wars and pain of this world

And thus was the Oracle.