There once was a girl

Who existed in a world of hazy fragments.

She traced hearts where the cement cracked,

And dreamt on the sidewalks of anonymous cities.

There once was a girl

Who slept underneath the bridge, in her tattered clothes.

When the sun went down she opened her kaleidoscope eyes,

And asked me for a ride to the moon. (She spoke politely.)

There once was a girl

Who sang strange, peculiar, haunting melodies:

About life, and how brilliantly crystals refracted the light,

In equations where x was always equal to infinity.

There once was a girl

Who remembered the secrets that everyone else forgot.

Once when the wind whispered softly through her hair,

She sat down and told me the meaning of life. (In silence.)

There once was a girl

Who held the world in pieces, tumbling around in her eyes.

When the sky fell down, it rained incredulities

And filled a sea that dissolved the white crystals in the tears she shed.

There once was a girl

Who was abstract art wrapped up in solid wood frame. (Warm.)

She complimented herself perfectly, like

A mismatching dress of moulted wool; missing buttons.

There once was a girl

Who had the most dazzling smile.

She existed in patches of a quilted puzzle,

With jagged pieces that the world picked apart.