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No. Jessica thought repeatedly. Yet no matter how many times she told herself this….there he stood. His mouth hanging open as he stared at her…….HOW DARE HE!!! He had no right to stare at her…none at all

"What the hell are you doing here" she finally said, glad that her voice was filled with venom.

Kyle blinked. He expected this from her. Of course he did. What else did he expect? A hug? Please…. Not gonna happen. He ignored his heart, which was beating furiously.

"Last time I checked…this was New York" he said slowly, eyeing the man that stood rigidly next to Jessica.

"Gee…took you this long to notice, jackass?"

"My Jess….never knew you to have a foul mouth." He said rather calmly, which only infuriated her more.

"yeah well I never that you would sleep with my friend too but isn't life full of just crappy surprises?" she shot back, her nails digging into her palms."I see you still haven't gotten over it yet? Sheesh…never thought you of all people would hold a grudge" he continued, feeling like killing himself as he saw the tears forming in her eyes.

Ralph stared at Kyle in anger. This bastard had a lot of never to say that to Jess. Calm down. He said to himself. But he couldn't ignore the hurt on her face. "Just back off man" he growled, putting a protective arm around her shoulders.

Jessica relaxed as she leaned against Ralph, he knees were threatening to buckle yet she still stood. She saw something cross Kyle's blue eyes but she couldn't be too sure. Who cares?

"Are you her new boyfriend?" Kyle asked, crossing his arms across his chest.

"And if I were……why the fuck would you care?" snapped Ralph, ready to lunge at him if it hadn't been for Jessica elbowing him.

"I don't care. Just curious to see who she's been fucking behind my back"

That was it. Jessica choked and burst into heaps of laughter, surprising Kyle Ralph on the other hand, caught on and also laughed.

"y-y-you t-h-hink that gasp I slept with giggle him?" Jessica managed to get out as she clutched her stomach.

Kyle was now lost. What was so funny?

"Hate to break it to you…but she's not my girl. She's just a friend. Besides….I don't think my boyfriend would be too happy if he found out I was straight." Ralph said, wiping a tear that left his eye as he continued to have his arm around a now shaking Jessica

Jessica suddenly turned serious as Kyle's words settled. Did he just say... Her face suddenly darkened and her beautiful face was now in a very angry scowl.

"You bastard! How dare you say I've been screwing someone behind your back when it was YOU who cheated on me? Where do you get off telling my friend if they're my boyfriend when we haven't even spoken to each other for 2 fucking years!!!" Jessica screeched, waving her hands in the air as she continued to advance on Kyle

"hey wait a minute-" Kyle started before being interrupted by Jessica

She was on a role. All her anger that she kept hidden for 2 years was now out. And she couldn't find a more perfect to vent it out on.

"No Kyle. You wait a minute…..Do you have any idea what you put me through? What both of you did? I finally have a perfect life and you had to go screw it up by talking to me."

Ralph shifted from one foot to another. She was causing a scene. People were slowly forming around them. Worst of all…..the press was taking pictures. Oh crap. This had to end soon

Kyle, meanwhile was slowly losing his patience as she continued to rant on him.

"……Of all the people I could've bumped into it was YOU. There seriously must be something wrong with the world. Dammit Kyle! " She continued, now pacing in front of him, oblivious to the people around them.

Kyle suddenly grabbed her, ignoring her gasp or the murmurs around him, and did the only thing he thought that could shut her up. He kissed her.

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