Oh crap. That was the first thought that ran through Ralph's head as he saw the kiss. He felt his jaw drop as well as his eyes bulge. The Press went crazy. Flashing lights were the only things he could see. Questions were fired at him as well as the couple that now stood, lip locked.

Jessica was stunned. As soon as she felt his lips on hers, unwanted memories ran through her head.

Jessica was so happy. She had just gotten the best news in her life!! She was pregnant. She couldn't wait to tell him. As she rushed through the lobby, elevator and hallway that lead to her apartment, her nightmare finally came true the moment she opened the door.

Jessica's eyes snapped open only to see Kyle's closed eyes. Another memory flew into her mind.

It was raining. Three days after the incident, she was still hurt, betrayed. Both her ex-boyfriend and ex-friend had tried to make contact with, yet she refused to acknowledge neither of them. As she walked around, oblivious to the rain, she felt the tears spilling onto her face, joining the raindrops. She couldn't understand how her life had gone to perfect to an instant nightmare.

Jessica finally couldn't take it anymore. She struggled to push Kyle away from her, but to no avail as he tightly gripped her arms, now bruising red as he gripped her tighter.

Okay fine. Jessica thought disgusted of the fact that his lips were on hers. She then hit him in the...er...um…let's say she hit him in the family jewels.

Almost immediately, Kyle released his grip on her, howling in pain. He fell to the ground, his knees bent. He glared up at Jessica who was now furiously wiping her mouth, as if his lips were a disease she didn't want.

"What the hell was that for" he managed to gasp as he continued to feel the pain.

"What the hell was that for? I should be asking you that question you jackass!!" Jessica yelled, grabbing a water bottle from Ralph, who continued to look stunned.

"You wouldn't shut the fuck up so I did it for you" he retorted, his face red with anger and pain.

"Liar! You could've done something else than kiss me you know!"

"Oh yeah? Like what?...It doesn't matter anyway…" he said softly, looking up at Jessica, his green eyes clouded.

Jessica was about to reply when she heard……..

"Miss Jessica!! Is he your new boyfriend?" one person yelled.

"How long have you two been together?" another shouted, pushing her way near Jessica

"Is he a good kisser?" a man asked, pushing a tape recorder under her nose

"Why did you hit him?"

The Press. The people who wouldn't leave her alone. She glanced around finally noticing the large crowd she had drawn. Swallowing hard, she snapped her fingers and immediately, her two bodyguards, Mike and Clark, appeared, pushing away the reporters from her. She glanced at Ralph for help, only to have him shake his head at her.

"This is gonna take a lot of damage control" Ralph said, wrapping Jessica in a hug.

"I know. I don't care. Just get me out of here" she said weakly, feeling her knees ready to buckle under her.

Ralph nodded and signed for the bodyguards to take Jessica back to the limo, the Press following her trail. He turned back to Kyle, who was now standing, glancing back at him with a blank expression on his face.

"What you did was unacceptable" Ralph said calmly, yet there was an edge in his tone.

"I really don't care. The bitch wouldn't shut up" Kyle shrugged and winced when he tried to move. The next he knew was that Ralph had grabbed him by the collar.

"Don't you dare say Jessica is a bitch!" Ralph snarled, shooting death glares at Kyle who was stunned that a gay man could easily lift him. "You have no idea what kind of crap you made her go through after what you did!" Ralph threw him to the ground with one final warning

"You ever go near Jessica again, I swear to God that I will not hesitate to let her bodyguards snap your neck" he hissed, then finally walking back tot the waiting limo, where The Press was still, pounding on the windows.

Kyle glared at the retreating back. He slowly stood, thinking of the fire he had seen in Jessica's eyes after the kiss. The kiss. He wasn't sure why he did that. He just did, practically like instinct. But what he regretted most about the kiss was the way his heart was pounding furiously in his chest, feeling Jessica's soft lips, her body in his arms.

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