Tavita ran towards the fire, heading for the only door without flames. She was passed by fire fighters and neighbours. Three feet from the door, it burst apart and was engulfed in flames. It was the last thing Tavita saw.


Tavita awoke a considerable amount of time later in a dark place. She was positive her eyes were open, but somehow she couldn't see anything. Maybe it was too dark out to see; maybe it was the middle of the night. Wherever she was, it smelled like a hospital.

"Tavita!" Her mother exclaimed when the brunette opened her eyes.

"Mom? Where are you? Where's the lights? I can't see!" Tavita became panicky, for if her mother was here, then the lights were definitely on. She still couldn't see a thing.

"It's alright Tavi, you're safe. Calm down."

"Why can't I see?! Mom! I can't see you!" Tavita sat up slowly and groped around with her hands. She felt someone's hands grab hers, and she smelt her mother. "Mom?"

A male voice joined the conversation. "It's ok, Blue Eyes. Calm down. We'll explain," It was her father.


"You got hit by the burning debris, Tavi. The doctor says you're retina was damaged beyond repair," The teen was hugged close by both her parents at once.

"No," Tavita started crying. "No. No. No, no, no, no, NO!" She screamed. "I can't be blind!"

"We're sorry dear," Her mother rubbed her back.

"Now I can't see you, I can't see Dad, I can't see my friends or my posters or the TV or. . ." she continued without stopping.

Just then a door slammed open and a female voice could be heard from beyond it (fairly faint to Tavita, who could not see). The (assumed) nurse was pleading with an unknown person to not go in, but apparently they did anyway. Tavita felt the footsteps of whoever it was through the bed, and was suddenly swooped into a gentle hug. She recognized the feel.


"God, Tavita. I was worried!" Eli pulled back. Tavita assumed he was looking at her face. "You ok?"

"Eli, I can't see," She cried.

She heard him take in a sharp breath. Tentatively, she reached out to touch his face. Her fingers met his cheeks, and she traced every contour and line of his face, memorizing them. She could picture his dark brown eyes, nearly black hair and the half grown beard he sported, all in her head. She would never see his beautiful face again. . .

"I look horrible, don't I?" She asked.

"No, you're as beautiful as you always are," Her boyfriend cupped her head between his hands, being gentle, for there were burns on her face. Tavita felt lips on hers, and suddenly wondered if her parents were watching. Sensing her thoughts, Eli assured her that they had left for a moment, and was surprised that she didn't hear them go; she always took pride in her hearing.

"I'm still getting over the blind part. . .not seeing you hurts more than anything though. . ."

"Shhh, it's ok Tavita. You'll survive," Eli hugged her close and stroked her hair.

"Where's everyone else?" Tavita managed through fresh tears.

"They're outside, waiting. You want them to come in?"

"Yeah," Wiping her tears, the brunette sat a little straighter in Eli's arms and found his face with her hands again. "But, kiss me first?"

More than happy to oblige, Eli dipped his head down to hers, and they stayed that way for a long time.


A/N: Yes, I am a hopeless romantic. What can I say? :P cheers