Chapter 1: Beginnings

"Ah yes, the start of another new year." The commander of all the forces of Riata sighed, sipping on one of his favorite drinks, an orange-chocolate liquor. He looked at the calendar on the wall near his spacious desk and read it. "January 2, 2535. It's going to be a beautiful day after New Year's on Riata I think." The man talked to himself, the subject "Riata" being the world he and many others lived on. Riata was not the only planet to share a revolution around the solar being of this star system, however. Itirae, another world, coexisted along with Riata. The whole thing together was what scientists of ages past called a binary system. Riata, was essentially a mechanical world; a world that had advanced far past that of old Earth, which had tragically been destroyed by the sun finally going super nova. So really, the year was 2535 A.E. (After Earth). However, Earth had reached a golden age itself too, in that nearly every human that lived there escaped to Riata, an uninhabited world that shared orbit with another planet that had life on it. The people of the late Earth then rebuilt Riata into a world of life too, making it essentially a New Earth. The terra-form world was also a good bit larger than it's predecessor and had plenty of space for the population of 25 billion. A knock at the door caused the commander to lose his train of thought about his world's history.

"Come in." He replied to the knock, and a youth of about 17 years stepped in and took a seat in one of the large chairs in front of the desk. "Ah, good morning Sirius, enjoyed your day off yesterday I would assume?"

"Yes, yes I did Commander Varias." Sirius replied, smiling. He was about six feet tall and had short black hair. He was dressed in khakis and a tee with many different designs all over it. Sirius was the youngest son of a famous computer hacker, and also the smartest. He had definitely inherited his father's talents and his good looks too, according to many girls throughout the city of Airios, the capitol of Riata. It wouldn't be for a little while that Sirius would learn of his true heritage.

"Well, I have here a list of things that need to be done today." Varias typed a few things in the keyboard next to him, causing a holoscreen to appear in front of Sirius, detailing exactly what he meant. "Say something if you have any problems."

"Let's see here…fix the weapon systems on the titanium clad units, did that over Christmas…eliminate the last of the glitches in the world net, did that yesterday while drinking hot cocoa…and last on the list…what is this?!" Sirius exclaimed, the calm expression on his face over the first two items dissolved into horror.

"That is something I received a report on just this morning. It seems that someone inhabiting the other half of our binary system, Itirae sent creatures to our world to attack us. If you hadn't already fixed the weapon systems on the titanium clads, many people would have died. You did a great thing, finishing that over the break. They were no match for our machines. I feel that Itirae has been showing more and more aggression towards us, as if they intend to take over our world. I also received word that they think we started it. I think that this year will be filled with far more than good tidings. A war is about to break out between our two worlds, and it will be a bloody one. It doesn't matter who started the war, because WE are going to finish it. It is imperative that you finish that assignment early this morning." Varias took on a serious expression himself.

"So, all I have to do is equip the scout units with space thrusters so they can break through the intense gravity in the space between our planets?" Sirius asked.

"Yes, because if they are not fitted properly, the units will be crushed in that immensely pressurized area of space." Varias was glad he had such an intelligent kid on his side. The two stood up and he put his hand out.

"Consider it done sir, you can count on me." Sirius shook his hand.

"I know I can. I know I can." Varias smiled. Excellent, with the reconnaissance reports of our scouts, we should get the upper hand in the coming days. He thought to himself.