Chapter 10: Prison Break

"Hello? Hello? Is anyone out there? This is so bizarre." Sirius found himself walking through a vast emptiness, a dream he had had before. Though this one was spawned from a comatose state, and he had been wondering in it for so long that he had no idea the time that had elapsed within. "I am starting to lose my voice I think from yelling out to nothing." Then, something changed in the white abyss. The whole thing rippled and wavered, frightening Sirius slightly, he thought it was all about to just collapse in on him. "Whoa!" But that is not what it was doing. The whiteness shimmered again, and transformed into a serene scene, the shore of a vast ocean. "Anyone out there?" Sirius called again.

"Turn around you ninny. It took so long to get you out of that bizarre state of mind you were in, and I have brought you here for one purpose, and one purpose only." The voice sounded very familiar to Sirius and he turned around to find the elder of Aquarta, Genix, standing there. "It is about time you noticed me."

"What is…the purpose of bringing me here?" Sirius replied to the old man's cryptic first statement.

"Why to teach you how to tap into your powers you silly boy!" Genix raised his hands up and laughed. "You will definitely need them to survive the many trials that await you ahead. The only reason I have been able to find you at all is because you and I have a connection, which was amplified when you put on your father's, your ring. You see, because he was my son."

"That means you are…?!" Sirius was astounded.

"That's correct, I am your grandfather Sirius."

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Sirius pursued.

"Because, I didn't think it would be necessary to tell you. Couldn't you already feel it, that feeling that you had met me sometime before?" Genix looked at his grandson for a minute and continued. "You inherited your gifts from your father, who inherited them from me, it is only fitting that I unlock them, since your father, the one who would have done it, is no longer of the mortal coil we both exist in."

"I see. So, what is there that you need to teach me?" Sirius straightened himself out slightly and looked at the waves lapping at the ocean shore quietly.

"It is not so much what I need to teach you, as simply unlocking your potential to learn. You see, as I said before, the ebb and flow of magic tugs at every creature's soul, though it is quite strong for some, and like a thin line to others. You, however, are among the strong, and even though you don't feel it that much now, you will definitely feel it more after this is over. Basically, you don't learn magic from others, but it instead teaches you in its own mysterious ways. You may dream about casting a spell and suddenly be able to do it in reality, or you may just suddenly be able to do it, because you gazed deep inside yourself. Regardless, your abilities will grow in time, as if it were a muscle." Genix nodded and smiled with his wisdom.

"So, what kind of magic will I be able to use?" Sirius was curious.

"Being a descendant of me and your father, you Sirius are most attuned to the element of water. Even though water may not be present in an area with you, you will practically be able to synthesize it out of nothing, as that is how magic works, and that is how the water of the worlds of the universe was created. The gods did it, using their magic, just with a much greater oomph than any of us can do, as far as I know. Water also grants its user the ability to clean and heal wounds of many kinds. However, the most serious of wounds, like those of the mortal category, and death cannot be remedied by water magic, no matter how strong. The other catch to being able to heal, is that you won't be able to heal yourself. One can only heal themselves when connected directly with the mana that they are aligned with."

"I think I understand." Sirius was turned completely towards Genix now, and he nodded.

"Good, now, shall we unlock a part of you that you knew so long ago and was supposedly extinguished?" Genix chuckled lightly, raising a hand toward Sirius.

"I am ready, grandfather." Sirius replied, watching the frail-looking fingertip approach his forehead.

"I warn you, this may or may not sting." Genix said, as a pulse raced up through his body into his fingertip. The pulsation flowed through the cuticle of his nail into Sirius's forehead, creating a glowing spot. The spot then seeped into his skin and spread over his entire body. Sirius's eyes glowed brightly for a few minutes and he tensed up at the moderate amount of pain the whole process was causing. Also during the transformation, the ring on his hand glowed also. After what seemed like an eternity, Sirius finally felt the full tug of magic at his spirit and everything fell silent. The ring, as well as his eyes stopped glowing, and he fell to his knees in, humbled by the power that had suddenly presented itself to him. He then looked at the bottom side of his right wrist, where a rune had etched itself into the skin. It was shaped like the crest of a wave.

"What is that?" Sirius gazed at it silently, blinking slowly.

"That is the symbol of water, and it is permanent. You have been connected." Genix said, stepping away from his grandson.

"I feel what you were talking about, I can feel the power of mana. I am awed." Sirius said, standing up, still looking at his wrist.

"You will get used to it. Ugh," Genix stumbled slightly, "my time is running out, I have completed what I set out to do. Now, I must give you one last piece of news. I have cast an enchantment around our village to shroud us from the enemy. It can only last for so long, and I bid that you must escape from where you are soon and come back to us, before it is too late. Farewell my grandson." Genix waved, then faded away.

"I will grandfather, don't worry." Sirius nodded. When he blinked, the dream ended at last.

Kritaris: Prison of the Magi, Gaia's Bluff, Riata

Sirius's eyes flickered slightly and opened. It took nearly a minute for his eyes to adjust to the light of the room and focus. As he glanced around he noticed three things in particular. First, he felt like a whole new person after the experience had just had, second, the room he was in was not a chamber in the Riexa mountains, and third, the other occupants of the room were Calista and Leona. They both ran over to him, as they had suddenly felt a strange feeling coming from him immediately after his "awakening."

"Sirius! We were worried you weren't ever going to wake up. It has been a little over two weeks since our encounter with Reinard at the Riexa Mountains, and you have been asleep this whole time!" Calista was standing over him, with Leona next to her, she blinked some tears out of her eyes. "Wait a minute, Sirius, you are different. What happened to you?"

"I have come into my inheritance, sister. Grandfather unlocked my potential." Sirius sat up and stretched out a bit, his whole body was stiff. "Wait a minute…two weeks?! That is a great deal of time! We have to get out of here…wherever here is…" Sirius looked around and saw that they were in a prison cell.

"We are in a prison on the northern end of the continent that has this world's capitol city. Kritaris, the prison, was remodeled recently by Reinard, who has completely taken over most of this world, except for some underground factions that he is having trouble routing, so I hear." Calista said. "The other inmates so far are all people from our world, so we haven't had any trouble with other prisoners. There is much talk, and even the guards have been talking between each other. Reinard not only remodeled the building, but he outfitted several areas, including our cell, with zionite bars, which will prevent us from using magic. The guards were also changed, in that they are all demons under Reinard's complete control, and they love to gossip about their bosses feats."

"Alright, so we are in a magic proof cell. How can we possibly escape?" Sirius frowned, and looked out the bars, seeing one of the guards snoozing.

"Well, we have been discussing escape plans with the other inmates and we have discovered a weak point in the zionite security method. Zionite ore, unlike refined zionite only keeps magic trapped in if it is charged on a regular basis. The guards, as you may have noticed are a little lazy, and they haven't been keeping up with this. We have calculated that the prison's systems will be the weakest around the time we go the mess hall for lunch." Leona grinned, proud of herself for finding this stuff out.

"Well, I am glad you girls did some research while I was asleep." Sirius smiled and patted a hand on Leona's shoulder. "Good job. So, then we are going to try to get out of here at lunch then? What kind of disturbance were you thinking?"

"A food fight." Calista laughed.

"That seems a little cliché don't you think?" Sirius tilted his head, thinking. "Won't the guards figure it out?"

"No, because they are dumb, brutish demons. They will just try to quell the disturbance, not analyze it for any meaning." Calista replied.

"Okay then, so we want to escape that way. Then…what do we do after we get out? Did you plan that far ahead?" Sirius asked.

"Well, uh…we have heard the guards talking about resistances against Reinard, despite his hostile takeover of the entire planet. He has every top engineer under his control and his magi-mechanical army grows daily. We think that all this magic is coming from those eight crystals that were at the seal. Remember? There were only eight, instead of sixteen, because the eight that are missing were destroyed by a strange lightning storm, severely weakening the seal. Eight crystals were created from the mana of Riata, despite it's desolation, and eight were created from the mana of Itirae. All sixteen crystals together formed the Aeonic Seal, which was used to lock away Reinard. Unfortunately, do to recent events, as you know, he was released. His intentions are apparently to take over both worlds, then fuse them together into his own world of twisted nightmares." Calista went on for a few minutes, she sighed when she was finished.

"Luckily for us, they missed the best engineer of them all. I am sure that if I analyze his machines, I can find some weak points and help to topple them." Sirius said, feeling more optimistic about the situation.

"Well, to do all of that, we must first get out of here." Leona nodded.

"Good point. So, when's lunch?" Sirius rubbed his stomach a little, he was starting to get really hungry.

About twenty minutes later the group were released from their cell by the guards, who kept grunting and pushing them along with the blunt end of axes. Other prisoners were released in Sirius's cell block and they were all lead along to the mess hall. The demon guards were starting to get irritated by these prisoners, but did not make their disdain verbal for fear of punishment from the master. "Move it you lot, your lunch is going to get cold, ha, hah, ha." One of the guards laughed gruffly as he prodded Sirius in the back. He, along with the other prisoners did what they were told for the moment.

"What the hell is this stuff?" Sirius asked as he went through the lunch line and food was piled on his tray by the food processors. "Wait, I don't really want to know that." He moved on down the way.

"Relax, it is not really that bad for you, it just looks bad." Leona chuckled.

"In fact, some of the desserts are actually decent tasting, though I don't think I will ever get used to this stuff." Calista said as food was piled onto her tray. The three of them sat down near some of the other prisoners of Itirae.

"Alright so, how exactly are we going to do this?" Sirius whispered.

"We already arranged a plan with some of the other prisoners." Calista leaned forward and whispered back.

"So, someone is just going to randomly start throwing food?" Sirius didn't think the plan would work.

"Relax bro, it's all taken care of. I can even prove to you that we can use magic and stuff, just not the more mana intensive spells. The zionite systems all around the prison haven't been charged in half a week, don't be afraid to tap into your power." Calista laughed and sat back. "Now just you wait, I am going to give a signal and let the fun begin." She winked. Sirius watched her as she looked at a water pipe in the corner of the large mess hall. Sirius noticed that other inmates had been looking in that direction as well, as if they were waiting for something. Calista chanted a few words softly and pointed a finger at the pipe. A small sparkle formed on the tip of her finger and was discharged at the pipe. The pipe seemed to bulge, then suddenly ruptured, causing water to start spilling out onto the floor. The guards grunted and walked over to investigate. "Here we go…"

"Food fight!" One of the taller male inmates yelled and flung his tray across the room at one of the guards. Everyone else followed suit and soon food was flying through the air everywhere.

"Alright, let's go." Sirius said, getting up and running for the door, along with several others. The guards were completely distraught over the water main break and the food everywhere. They slipped and tumbled everywhere, making it impossible to catch up with all of the prisoners as they dashed out the doors.

"Damn it, we are in for it now from the boss." One of the guards sighed, getting up.

"They aren't going anywhere. Gather the others, we are going to ambush them at the front gate." The head warden walked in, he spread his demon wings out and roared, pointing to a secret passage that would take them to the ambush point. "Let's go!"

"By the gods that was fun!" Sirius laughed, being at the head of the pack of prisoners. "It's a good thing everyone has lunch at the same time, or we wouldn't have been able to get them all out!"

"We aren't out of trouble yet. Come on, we need to find the storage alcove where they have all our equipment." Calista pointed at a room down the hall, which had a double sword standard hanging above it. "There, that's it I think." The group ran into the room and looked around. Inmates started smashing crates and picked up weapons and armor that fell out. Sirius, Leona, and Calista found their own equipment and put it on, leading the pack out of the alcove and into the hall again.

"Alright, what's next?" Sirius looked at Calista, expecting a plan from her as they ran toward the main corridor out of Kritaris.

"Well, the guards won't be able to use their own magic if they don't disable the security system entirely, so they probably already did that. For all we know, they could be at the entrance putting up a last stand. It will be a bloody fight I think. Luckily, if the security system is down, we can use our own powers to a much greater extent." Calista said. The three of them listened to the conversations of the other prisoners for a minute, then focused on the path ahead again as at the end of the corridor was a bright light. "We are almost there!"

"Where do you think you are going?" A deep voice boomed across the front lawn of the prison as all of the current occupants poured out into the sunlight, he noted that they were armed.

"Well, the food sucks, the beds are really hard and, you all smell, so we thought it was time to escape from 'paradise.'" Sirius yelled back, drawing his long sword.

"You worm! The master won't allow us to let you escape. You are pinned in here. You aren't going anywhere." The warden-demon raised his hand into the air and allowed a gigantic axe to materialize into it. The weapon landed in his hand and caused his whole figure to sink into the ground a little with its weight. He spread his wings and roared, beckoning the prisoners to come forth. Surrounding him were the prison's twenty demon guards as well. "Kill them all!"

"Let's do this!" Sirius charged into the fray slashing at the guards, he killed one outright but was then toppled by a few more. They were soon knocked off by a gush of water from a spell that Calista had cast.

"Gale force!" Leona shouted, her blue hair being whipped about by a wind she had generated, she flung it at a guard group that had just killed a couple of the prisoners and knocked them out of the prison compound and off of Gaia's Bluff, into the roiling seas below.

"Good shot!" Sirius watched her and laughed. He lunged at another demon and slew it quickly. Slowly, all of the guards were being killed, despite being spurred on by the warden who was conspicuously staying out of battle. They were all dead within a few more minutes of fighting. Both sides had suffered casualties, just to a lesser extent on the inmates'.

"That is enough!" The warden yelled, slamming his axe blade into the ground. Sonic waves poured out from the impact area and knocked everyone away but Sirius. "I know you are the leader of this ragtag band, so if I slay you, they will all lose faith. It's just you and me now." The warden chanted dark incantations, which generated a barrier around the two of them, letting none get in and out until the battle was finished. The girls and other inmates gathered around the force field and yelled at Sirius to be careful.

"It's ok, I can handle this brute." Sirius looked at them then turned back just in time to dodge a huge swing of the axe from the warden.

"Know this, human, that I am more than just a brute! I am one of the top-ranking generals in Reinard's forces. You will die this day." He swung the axe again, and Sirius again dodged.

"You are just too slow!" Sirius nimbly moved around each of the next few swings.

"And you are blind for not seeing what I have been doing!" The demon had swung his axe in the shape of a pentagram, and out of the symbol surged forth dark energy. The blast knocked Sirius into the inner wall of the force field, the attack had done a decent bit of damage.

"Damn, if I get hit by another one of those, I am finished." Sirius got up in time to dodge another slash from the weapon. Think Sirius, search yourself for your power and use it on this guy…Sirius thought to himself. He closed his eyes for a minute, not moving at all. He had found what he was looking for, but it would take another minute to get it out.

"Why are you just standing there? You can't be giving up yet, the party has just begun!" The warden laughed maniacally as he reared back his axe as if to throw it.

"I haven't given up." Sirius replied.

"No, but you will be dead either way!" The warden threw the axe forward, it spun with frightening speed.

"Don't think so!" Sirius called upon a wall of water to catch the weapon, and it was crushed by immense water pressure and was thrown to the side. Sirius pulled his sword in front of him and pointed it at the demon.

"What?! How did you do that?" The warden was astonished.

"That doesn't really matter anymore. Now I will have to kill you so my friends and I can leave this wretched place." Sirius ran forward and jumped at the demon, plunging his blade into the dark one's heart. "Prison break…successful." Both of the warriors fell as the barrier around them dematerialized, and the good side had won the day.