With Oh Henry: mixed feelings collide
Caramel, peanuts-->personal pride
Covered with chocolate, oh divine!
Brings out your bitchier, snottier side

With Kit Kat: have a break, take it slow
Forget about all that you think you know
Have a dream about a cool light show
Think of your life as a giant kaleidoscope

With Hershey Hugs: sugar runs through your veins
Who gives a shit if people think you're insane?
It doesn't matter to you or anyone else
You are notorious for just being yourself

With Hershey Kisses: love's in the air
Someone plants a kiss on you; whatever, you don't care!
"Maybe I'll meet some cute guy at the fair"
Stand in line boys, you're gonna have to share!

With Caramilk: you're subtle and true
People who love you, love you for YOU
Guys can't resist, you're "oh so cute"
Especially in basketball, you can't even shoot!

With Terri's Chocolate Orange: you're so popular and cool
"Can I do your nails? Can I come over? You're awesome! You rule!"
You also might be known as "the coolest kid in school"
You are probably the teacher's main attention tool

With Terri's Chocolate Rasberry: you may be known as geeky
With an IQ of 102, Champion in the school's chessclub too
Glasses and overalls bring out your cool style
We all love nerds so show your teeth and smile!

A/N: This was so much fun! I loved writing this piece. I'm putting it into a quiz later on so the adress will be up soon! Please guys, review. This is one of my favourites so I want to know what you guys think! Thanks! -->SuicidalGreeting