I would like to ask you why

You are mad at me

For sitting in the back of the bus

The "black man's territory"

As you call it

When the civil rights movement

Was started when someone fought

To let me sit here

Right beside you

Oh, I'm sorry

It's because I'm a "wHiTe aZz ni---"

My bad

I would also like to know why

If you hate gay people so much

You wear your pants at your knees

A style started by homosexual inmates

To show the other boys at prison

That they were "ready"

And I don't mean to go home

But that means nothing

To you

Oh, I'm sorry

It's because it's pimpin

My bad

Could someone please explain why

Since you guys are so against slavery

You try to look like the men

Who buy, sell, and trade women

To do things against their will

Then take all the money for themselves

Just to buy a "pimpin" ride

And some bling-bling

And a few more hookers

Oh, I'm sorry

You say it's only bad when whites do it to blacks

My bad

And if it's so unfair that I get good grades

Why don't you try studying

Plenty of kids, of every race, do it

It's not that difficult to lose your ignorance

You could start by making an effort

Please either make one

Or shut up

I'm really sick of hearing

You shout swear words down the hall

Oh, I'm sorry

I get good grades cuz I'm white

My bad

And if black people have to act that way

Why was my ex-girlfriend

Black, bisexual, Wiccan, and female

She didn'tfit a single stereotype

Why are so many African Americans

Looking at the "ghetto" kids

Like they're some kind of morons

And why do guys like my friend

Try so hard not to be you

Oh, I'm sorry

They don't know they're black

MY bad!

And why it it somehow okay

For you to use the "n" word

Against each other

And against kids of other races

Why can you say whatever the hell you want

Things that would get me suspended

Without anyone taking a second glance

Without it being "racial slur"

Because you said it

Oh, excuse me!

Discrimination is a one-way street

My bad