The few Angels that flew through the night went unnoticed by the others. Their wings were silent and they could easily shield their Light from prying minds, making them nearly impossible to detect, but they flew with caution nonetheless. Only the top-ranked Angels were there: Tristyn, Silver, the twins, Kauri and Selena, and Andrea, the leader. These select few would not be fighting in the war on the morrow. They were being sent on a special mission. They were to locate and recruit the Lost Angels, a task considered impossible by most of Glandryl, but one necessary to claim victory in the upcoming battle.

The Lost Angels were a race of mystery. There were only about 7 of them, and very little was known, including where they were. In fact, they had been dismissed as a myth until Andrea had seen them in a vision about five months before. The Lost Angels were a few mortals who had been selected as Angels at Judgment, but had somehow disappeared during the translation to Celëb Aÿrέ. But a shocking truth had been discovered in Andrea's vision. The Lost Angels were on the planet called Ketron, the reincarnation of earth, and they knew nothing of their place as Angels. They were living among the mortals as if they were human themselves. They living and dying like those they lived beside. They were marrying mortal men and women, and most of the remaining Lost were only half Angel, a disgrace in the Great One's eyes. But the Great One was dead, and his kingdom was about to come crashing in on itself, so the Lost had to be returned to their true home, and they had to fight. But one question kept resurfacing in the face of the Angels. Would the Lost agree to fight? After all, they were called the Lost for a reason. They had been alone for over seven centuries, and their powers were diminishing, they might not even agree to leave Ketron, but this was a risk that the chosen Angels were going to have to face, and they would have to face it quickly.

Just as Celëb Aÿrέ began to emit its light, the Angels reached Mitando's force barrier. They lined themselves up along it, in order of rank. Andrea, Silver, Selena, Kauri, and then Tristyn. They hovered before the barrier, like hummingbirds before a flower, and began to recite the incantation to open the force field, starting slowly, but growing in speed and intensity.

Hythen tisa yin tuore

Kasti prost y vereto

Jon knidendra shiten pol

E carin wo ni gotte.

Firon sise genos twore

Iretenda nite drie

Liste punsy i hudry

Kiro tensu druma he.

Tyre moten shiden tu

Nisetundra izte le

Yume hundre inte lyn

Prodensuta nistuprei

Dri'Nin howli nigete

Suki mawarina te

Cladd shirentu hudeny

E carin wo ni gotte.

The words flowed effortlessly off their tongues as they cast the magic that they had learned many years ago. Slowly, a small golden orb appeared on the barrier and began to grow. In turn, each Angel stopped chanting, until Tristyn was the only one left. When he finished his verse, the orb exploded in a burst of golden light, leaving a hole in the barrier between the Mitando System and the rest of Glandryl. Quickly, the Angels flew through the hole and off into the rest of the universe.

Finally out of the battlefield, a wave of relief washed over them, and it seemed as though a bubble of tension that had been encasing the group had disappeared, and so, for the first time in about a day, they talked above hushed whispers.

"Andrea?" asked Kauri, "How are we going to get to Ketron, exactly? No one's ever been there before, have they? Not even the Great One?" The confusion in her voice was uncharacteristic of an Angel, but, after all, so was fighting, and so was leaving Celëb Aÿrέ.

Andrea didn't answer for a moment. "There is a portal, known as the Gateway to Shideltha, where Ketron is located, but in order to reach it, we have to cross the Dark Chain."

All of the Angels but Andrea stopped dead in their tracks, their only movement the beating of their holy wings. The Dark Chain was the most evil inhabitation in all of Glandryl. It was the stronghold of all the Siron, and any Angel found there would surely be killed, if the fumes didn't kill them first. No Angel had ever survived a journey through the Dark Chain, though a few had dared to try. And the worst part was, there was no way around it.

Tristyn's Light dimmed, for when Angel are scared, they do not go pale, as he spoke. "Is there no other way to get there, Andrea? Surely we could use another portal?"

Slowly, Andrea turned, her face etched with sadness. "No. The only other way would be to travel first to Hythen, then cross that galaxy to Jikama, and then enter the portal to Shideltha. But, not only would we then have to cross all of Shideltha, but that journey, while safer, would take us at least three years, and we have no more than a few mere months to find the Lost and return them to Celëb Aÿrέ. There is no way other than the Dark Chain." Head hanging, Andrea continued her flight, slower than she had been traveling to begin with. The others hovered for merely a moment longer, before following after their leader, slowing their wing beats as they flew closer and closer to the Dark Chain, the chill of evil infiltrating them all.