Home Would Be

I feel like I'm never good enough

All because of one

Physical and verbal abuse

Is definitely no fun

You hit me with your hands

Sometimes use a pole of wood

You tell me to go home

Oh how I wish I could

Home would be the place of mine

Where I am free

Free to be whatever

I wish to be

Home would be

Covered in flowers

I would be loved

I would have the powers

To ban you from this beautiful place

Where I am the queen

From this place

That is so serene

Home would be where

I could sing

And not be worried about

The insults you make ring

Ring and float

Into my mind

They're not forgotten

I keep them inside

Home would be where

I could forget

Everything you have ever said

And I bet

You wish you could go home

To a place just like mine

A place where you feel special

And truly divine

But home is

Too good for you

From the insults you say

To the beating you do

But this kingdom, Home

Is in my sea

This kingdom, Home

Is waiting for me

Waiting for its queen's return