Nick And Joy

By:Andrew Troy KelIer

Have any of you ever suffered through those long nights

Without that special someone that should fit your heart right?

Well,there was a guy whose name is Nicholas December,

Who was--at first--just like one of you other

Guys,until he went to a party on the Nineteenth day

And found true love in such an unexpected way.

After Nick had slowly walked his way over to her

And let out a smile,he placed his gentle finger

On her hand and asked,"Hi,my name is Nick.

And I bet that you're wondering what sort of trick

Is this?Trust me,you've got me confused with another

guy.You see,when I saw you at this bar,

I've found myself falling in love with you from afar."

And then,after she had looked at Nick

And let out a smile,she said,"Hi,Nick.

My name is Joy and I've suddenly found myself

Falling in love with you too.",for a certain jolly elf

Had played his very own Cupid trick

On the both of us in order to help me

And Joy find each other and see

What true love is really like.

That right,my name is actually Nicholas December

And it is now a year since that one encounter

With my now loving wife,Joy Frost-December on day

Nineteen of this month--and to me,she's still way

Beautiful a woman than any other.