The structure of rationality has been corrupted again

Frontiersman founders are still trying to strike a bargain

You're late on the utilities

Surely you should have known

The chain is off the lock

And the taxman will storm your home

Watch the Nazis as they stampede on your TV screen

Kill but don't love, because sex is too obscene

Stupid aborigines with their dumb deceived few

Still hold dreams of idealism up high and consider them true

The fallacy of logic

Can be proved exactly not

Protest to the norm

And you'll be shot

Representations of the nonexistent nature of humanity

Are the pointless conventions of which are imposed universally

The idea of an idea has eloquently be lost

Thinking is excessive when one considers its cost

The bureaucracy of innocence

Has been liberated by the divine

The tyrannical presence of self-appropriate standards

Have made the masses abide

The notion of redemption is one vaguely viewed

The notion that it's dead is not one that's new…