Bright here in the shiver of a silvered moon
Beyond forests deep where shadows shimmer
Relinquish hands for tawny paws upon scarred earth
Eyes of gilded nightly stars shift to golden-hue
Feel your human flesh melt and discard it screaming
Run with the promise of sweet power wild-tinted
You, creature of the Night, child of the Moon
You are the huntress of the wind, chase the darkness
Fur of bronze and brindle ripples, swiftly run
Claws and teeth of nettled silver dance, feel red's warm call
Tear and savage here in elsewhere, before the departing moon
Chant your truth now twist and roar convulsing
Pain exploding as your body burns with the Moonchange
Lie upon the bitter earth torn and naked, a human
Bright here in the shiver of a silvered moon.