Over the Bridge

By Sarah Stewart

I stood and looked down blankly at the dark water below; my thoughts a mix of guilt and grief. I knew that I shouldn't have been driving but what choice did I have? Where were we meant to sleep, on a park bench or maybe huddled in that tiny car for the night? No. If it wasn't for my yearning for my warm bed Richard wouldn't be laying on his deathbed with two others in God knows what condition.

I can remember that night clearly. We had just left the club and I knew I'd drunk too much but I wanted to get home, to go to bed, so I told Richard that it was fine, that I would drive. We got into the car and set off home. Things were going well, there wasn't much traffic on the road but I was starting to get tired yet kept going, knowing home wasn't far away. I saw the headlights of the other car as we rounded the corner to go over the bridge. I slammed on the brakes but it was already too late. There were a million thoughts going through my head, but there was no terror. The thought that stood out was one I was told by Mother when I was very young, and one I'd always remembered: 'Murderers don't go to heaven'.

I woke up in hospital in the early hours of the next morning from the emptiness of unconsciousness. I was told my Richard was going to die but I would be released later that day. That was when my life ended mentally and at that same moment I knew I'd have to end it physically. I visited Richard and said my last good-byes but by then he was just an empty shell from the brain damage. So I left him and wandered slowly along the city streets and that's how and why I'm standing here now, not fiftey meters from where I sentenced Richard to death.

I climbed slowly onto the railing of the bridge and once again stared down at the water. I'd made my decision; this was the only way out. I let go and closed my eyes, letting my body fall for what seemed like eternity until, the sudden impact came and I fell limply through the dark water.

I had no air left in my lungs and no thoughts left in my mind until that last little second of life when a chilling thought crossed my mind: I didn't want to dieā€¦

a/n: This is a story I wrote over a year ago so please excuse the crappiness of my writing skill within the sorrowful tale.