Do you remember those old yearbooks? Each year they would ask us a question and we would answer. Each year our answer was written under our name in than big book. It was meant to be a happy occasion, introduced to celebarate the school year. Well I have to say in my seventh year of schooling my teachers weren't very creative in their question. "Describe yourself in one word." I could think of so many words that would fit in my little space. One word? But there were so many emotions bundled up inside me to me explained in one word. I did choose and shock came to the school as I pronouced my answer lound and clear. "Describe yourself in one word," The teacher asked in a perfect little smile resting in place on her face. I stared striaght ahead, my eerie azure eyes boaring into her own murkey brown pair. My pale little face and long golden hair falling perectly across my shoulders. I was beatiful, I had it all. I was popular and owned perfect straigh, white teeth. I was what every girl wanted to be, and every boy wanted to have. I was even liked by teachers, being my bright and helpfull self. "Dead," A told her in my well pronounced voice. Smiling I looked her straight in the eye, telling her without words it was true. And that is what was placed under the pretty little picture of me.

Claire Anne Barton


a/n: Just a little intro.