Sitting in class, a small and satisfied smile plastered on my face I waited eagerly for the year books to be handed out. I chatted to my friends about every day things: Jenni's hair, Brad's body, so on and so forth. It was all superficial to me. Everything here is fake. Our teacher gave a short shout and the chatter ended immediatly. The year books sat in a pile on her large wooden desk at the front of the class. Picking them up in her arms she started handing them out.

I knew when each person got to my name. Their shocked stares shouted the unspoken words "The Queen Bee is a freak!". I never opened my book, to busy feeling a warm satisfaction that I had broken away from the chains of popularity. Jenni had always been one down on the ladder from me, she was my right hand gal. Turning in her seat beside me she stared in shock like all the others before giving a nervous little laugh. "Good joke Claire," She stuttered out, not knowing what to think.

"It was never a joke," I whispered in her ear and stood up. Spreading my arms I looked around the stunned class with a serious grin, "you all did this to me people. You and your superficial society!" I looked around once more and gave the class a curt nod before striding out of the classroom, my loving little year book tucked safely under my arm.


I didn't really have any plans as to where I would head after my little (and may I say over dramatical) act. I decided that I should probably get out of the school before any more questions came up about my little stunt. Walking quickly down the hall I brushed off a couple of my peers and jack knifed out the school's back doors.

Jogging through the grounds I felt the summer sun warm upon my back. My golden locks bouncing freely along with me. It was a joy to be free of my death for a time because now to them I was dead. I wasn't that peppy little Claire they all knew. I am now a new person. I am the person that has always been in there but finally I rebelled against societies chains and shead my facade.

I may change schools next year or stay there but it didn't matter, whispers will be had about me but I would not be known. I was now the underdog. The freak. The dead girl.


I didn't end up staying. I convinced my parents it was a joke as well as the teachers and got of scott free. I was dead now though. To the "populars" and the "wannbes". I would live my life cold, lonely and heartless and my new boarding school. That is my plan. I will be noticed but people well see me, not Claire Anne Barton aka Queen Bee. I would live life alone. I would show them all what they do to people. Crush them till nothing is left.

I will watch them suffer at my new school but I will not put myself through the pain. I will tell you of what I hear and see of the populars, from me you will come to know their world. Who better then I, I have been there. I have done that. I was part of their world untill now. I know about the whispers and the tears.

This is my tale of the suffering souls. This is a tale of a dead girl...

a/n: Well that's the sacond part of the intro done. Next chaper I will start the proper story and over time you will also learn why Claire stopped being Queen Bee. By the way this story is baised in australia.