Through All

At some point in your life

You find a special friend.

You are mine.

One to laugh with at stupid things,

To cry with in times of need.

One to understand you to a point

At which no words are necessary

To describe how you feel.

And now that I've found you,

And grasped your hand,

I never want to let go,

Although, I know, it must be done.

And though you may leave

And I may stay,

I swear to you that through all,

My friend you will remain.

My soul mate,

My sister,

You will remain.

Through rains of fire

And storms of lightning.

Through seas of darkness

And skies of doom,

Forever in my heart.

Forever in my soul.

And when the time comes,

I will rush to you,

Full of light,

Full of hope.

And together we will talk of days gone by,

And laugh as we did before,

And share each other's burdens,

When we meet again.

For you will be my friend

Through all.

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