I'll tell you a tale

Of long, long ago.

'Bout the places and people

A boy used to know.

Our story begins on a

Dark, stormy night,

When a brand-new born baby

Would wail in fright.

Su-Ling he was called,

Would be known far and wide

As the man who made serpents

Collapse at his side.

He could run like the wind

And shot arrow and bow.

He'd brandish his sword

And extinguish his foe.

He would practice by throwing

A rope in the air,

And with quick shots and slices,

He'd leave nothing there,

He traveled through China

From Beijing to Harbin.

Every battle he entered

He always would win.

One day as he wandered

The streets of Hong Kong,

Around a large board

He noticed a throng.

He squeezed through the crowd

So he could get a peek

At what all these people

Might be there to seek.

A large piece of paper

With the Emperor's seal

Was hanging up there

Theses words to reveal:

I'm calling the bravest,

The strongest, most wise,

To come to my realm

And peer into the eyes

Of the Black Thunder Serpent

Who's come to our home

Who over our mountains

And valleys does roam.

This serpent is black

Like the perilous doom

That over the people

Of China does loom.

And whatever hero may

Vanquish this this beast,

My arms will be open

And I'll hold a feast

When Su-Ling read these words

He knew he'd prevail.

While many more men

Would dare try, but would fail.

He rode to the palace

On a coffee-brown steed,

And then to the Emperor

He paid great heed.

"Be swift, for this curse

Destroyed all of my men.

You are likely to fall,

I won't see you again."

He traveled towards

The edge of the land.

To face the black serpent,

His sword in his hand.

He came to a valley

Where prints had been made,

By an oversized serpent

Who there once had laid.

He walked on and on,

Straight into the night

With his first taste of fear

Knowing he'd have to fight.

The worst enemy ever

He'd have to defeat,

But the hope of surviving

Kept him on his feet.

Then the first hint of sunrise

Peeked over the hill

That Su-Ling had been told

Held the snake that would kill.

Well, the hill seemed to walk

'Twords Su-Ling as he went.

It felt like just seconds

Of time had been spent

On walking the distance

To meet with the snake,

Whose thunderous body

Made all China quake.

As he neared a large cave

He made out in the gloom

The massive black outline

Where the serpent did loom.

He snatched up his sword

And struck the hard ground

In order to wake up

The beast that slept sound.

A shadow did move

And the earth did then quake.

Su-Ling knew it would be

Much harder to take

Down the Black Thunder Serpent

Than old pieces of rope,

But Su-Ling did not run,

For he always had hope.

The serpent emerged

From it's dark, gloomy cave.

The serpent that Su-Ling

Had hoped to enslave.

The serpent lashed out

And the battle began.

Neither retreated,

And no, neither ran.

Su-Ling shot his arrows

And held tight to his bow.

He swung his great sword

To defeat his black foe.

Then and arrow implanted

Between the two eyes

Of the serpent whose hisses

Became painful cries.

Then a sword had been flung,

The snake hissed in pain.

It crashed to the earth.

The black creature was slain.

Su-Ling ran to the Emperor,

Who welcomed him in.

And the people of China

Made quite a din.

And now, all my friends,

This tale comes to a close.

Does Su-Ling still roam here?

Well, everyone knows.

Our stories live on,

And our characters, too.

It all can be real

To me and to you.

So pass down your stories

So others can say

That they've heard that story

In your special way.