"And over here we have a bed from the 1950's. This room is set up exactly as it would have been 50 years ago. The clothing you can see hanging in the closet was actually owned and worn by-"

"Sheesh," Alex whispered to Kaitlin. "This is bogus. Who cares?"

"Psh! You got that right!" Nancy piped in.

Jenni, another good friend, and one of the few who actually cared, leaned over to the three and whispered back. "Well, you may not enjoy it, but others are trying to, so just sush."

Harry, Danny, and Paris laughed, receiving a glare.

That was the motley crew: Nancy, a girl with a sense of humor as big as the bruise you'd get if she decided to kick you; Paris, who looked like she could kill with a pinky finger; Alex, the court jester; Kaitlin, the obsessor; Jenni, funny, but really caring about school; Harry, the prince charming of Williston Private Institution; and Danny, who was just along for the ride. On this particular day, they were joining their fellow 8th Graders on a field trip to McCarter Historical Monument; an old house that looked like it was about to collapse onto the just-as-old ground it was standing on. They had been there all day and it was 4:00 (they went to a boarding school).

The group moved along the hallway towards another roped off room. "I'm hungry. D'you think they've got a Coke machine here?" Paris asked hopefully.

"Maybe," Danny responded. "Wanna go see? It'd probably be near the bathrooms."

"Of coarse there's no vending machine!" Jenni said exasperatedly.

"And how would you know?" Nancy asked.

"I was here last month."

Kaitlin snorted. "And yet you're still interested. Okay."

"Well," Alex said, "Last month was a long time ago. Maybe the dude who runs this place had a stroke of brilliance and got one."

Harry smiled. "It's worth a look. What's the worst thing that could happen? Our teachers leave us here all alone tonight? Yeah right! They do roll calls!"