When they returned to their school, the seven teens went directly to Kaitlin and Nancy's dormitory. Plopping down on the two beds, all heads turned towards the newly found superheroes. Or heroines, if you're picky.

"So," Alex started, "Um, what're you two gonna do now?"

Kaitlin looked at him. "What do you mean 'what are we going to do?'"

"I mean, are you going to keep your powers on the down low, or, are you going to, like, save the world?"

"Why would we want to do that?" Nancy asked.

"Because," said Jenny, " you can. And it doesn't have to be the world. You could stop bullying at our school."

"That would require them beating up Paris," Danny said, looking at their friend. The group erupted into laughter.

Harry spoke. " So. Are you gonna become full-time superheroes?"

"Naw," said Kaitlin.

"I think we'll just keep living life," Nancy commented.

From somewhere in the distance, a bell rang.

"Whoops," said Alex. "Classes."

Everyone left the room and was so busy that the friends didn't get another chance to chat that day. But that night, once the lights had gone out, Kaitlin rolled over in her bed to face Nancy's. She noticed that Nancy was staring at the ceiling. "You thinking again?"


"About what the others said?"

"Uh huh."

"Me too," said Kaitlin. "What do you think?"

"I feel kinda…oh I dunno…obligated."

"Yeah. But it's funny. My mom sent me here to get good grades and become a lawyer, not Supergirl." The girls laughed.

The subject was dropped and the group discussed it no more. That is, until one day a few weeks later.

Kaitlin awoke suddenly on Saturday morning to loud rapping on her door. She ran to the door to tell the visitors to leave so they wouldn't wake Nancy, but when she opened the door, she was trampled by Harry, Paris, Danny, Jenni, and Alex. They rushed to her bed and threw themselves on it. Jenni waved a paper in Kaitlin's face, who had closed the door.

"Quiet!" Kaitlin said to everyone. "Don't wake up Nancy. You know she always sleeps 'till at least 11:30. She'll punch us all in the gut if we wake her at 9:00."

"Who cares?" Alex yelled. "We can't believe you did it! You actually did it!"

Kaitlin rubbed her head groggily. "Did what?"

"You saved that lady!" Paris said, "That idiot who had so little common sense that she took a walk around here at night."

If Kaitlin had been asleep in the slightest, she wasn't anymore. "What? How'd you find out about that?"

"You're on the front page!" Harry called happily. Jenni waved the paper in her face again. Kaitlin backed up slowly and jiggled Nancy on the shoulder.

"Nancy…Nancy, wake up. It's important."


"We're on the front page of the paper."

"For what?"

Kaitlin looked worried. Seeing her face, Nancy sat up. "Saving that lady last night."

Jenni smiled happily. "And there's a picture!"

"What?!" Nancy cried. She jumped out of bed and ran over to where the others sat.

Snatching the paper, she held it out so that she and Kaitlin could read it. Luckily, it was dark, so the picture was very lacking in details. It was practically silhouettes. The article was interesting, though.

Resident Claims to Have Been Rescued By Superheroes

Last night, local resident Betty Hughes was walking by the campus of Williston Private Institution, the boarding school located on 14th avenue and 24th place, when she says that she heard footsteps behind her.

She claims that she turned to see a masked man holding a gun to her head. According to Hughes, the afore-mentioned man told her to hand over her purse or he would shoot.

Hughes says, "Just as I gave him the purse, a blast of green light hit him in the chest and he keeled over backwards. Two figures flew out of the sky and hovered above us for a moment. It was dark and the streetlights were out, so I couldn't really see them, but they picked up my purse, handed it back to me, and flew off towards the school. I yelled after them and asked them who they were, and they paused, turned around, and one of them called out, 'Shade and Shadow'." Hughes says that she rushed away from the scene, but not before she managed to get a picture of her rescuers (below). Is Hughes telling the truth? Do we have our own superheroes? Are we being looked out for by Shade and Shadow?

"Cool!" said Nancy, now as awake as she could ever be expected to be on a Saturday.

"As long as they can't tell what we look like."

The non-superhuman friends beamed. "You're superheroes!" Danny said happily. "We're friends with famous superheroes!"

There was more happiness and more smiling all day, and all week for that matter. The two girls continued saving lives or purses, and eventually got masks so that they could rescue people during the day. After a while, though, Shade and Shadow disappeared, although occasionally there would be a report in the newspaper that said that a citizen had spotted a rather large bird or two flying up extremely high in the sky. And though most people dismissed it as a myth, five kids would always be glad to tell that those were no birds. And every year, there were a certain seven people who visited the McCarter Historical Monument, and admired it with a smile, even when you could see the chill that ran silently down their spines.

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