They never do think I'm in love

Think I've never felt the rose

They believe I hover above

In a "ready-to-tackle-you"-pose

They just don't see me as a girl

And usually I'm glad

I've always lived partly in their world

And believe me; it's not that bad

I've played with trucks and race cars

(Though they were my brothers')

I've travelled on spaceships to Mars

Wearing trousers, given my druthers

Girly-girls have told me

That I'm not one of their kind

They say it's bad, but I disagree

When I'm with the guys, I'm fine

The guysaccept the original me

As long as I do the same

They can always count on me, you see

To join in their silly games

But I have also seen them be

Snatched by some stupid girl

I have seen them leaving me

With their backs to our world

But I just grit my teeth and grin

With my old mask of joy

As I return to where I fit in

With those, who call me tomboy.