Chapter 2 Hide Away

Honey what's going on? Matt called me. Brent I know we're going through our problems but please don't judge me. Honor what's the hack is wrong? Brent I got Kate's children here in there not going back to that place. Honor you can't take law into your own hands, why is that Brent? Because you're the law, then what can I do to protect them? Honor, turn them over to the police, but they're not criminals Brent they need help. I can't do that Brent. I just can't. Honor what is it you're not telling me? Brent, please drop the subject. Honor I'm worried about you all you care about lately, Are those kids?

Honey what about us? Brent you knew what kind of a woman I was when you met me, in what's that supposed to me? Brent, never mine, no Honey I want to know what that common meant you just made? Brent every time I think about those kids I think about my past and I never want that girl to go through the same thing I want through. I had to defend for myself my mother gave me up when I was six years old and I never saw my mother again. I went from foster home, from foster home until one night then she cut it off she never got a chance to finish her sentence.

Brent please I just can't send those kids back there to that place. Brent, please don't make me send those kids back to that home. Brent saw the fear in the worried in her beautiful brown eyes. He asked her does those kids mean that much to you? Brent yes they do, Brent knew that Honey wasn't telling him the truth about her past and why she cares so much about Kate's kids. Brent and Honey set in silence for a while until Brent broke the silence. Honey you still didn't answer my question, what's going to happen to us? Brent, what do you want to happen? Honey I can't sit here and wait on you to decide what the future holes for us. Brent I see our future together but I don't know where it's going to end. Honey I need to know that you can trust me? I want you to trust me Honey you need to know that I will do anything for you and Matt. Brent I do trust you but you don't understand what I'm going through.

How can I understand what you growing through when you want let me in? Honey I feel like I don't know the person I felt in love with. Brent I 'm still the same person but these nightmares our killing me Brent. Honey tell me what I can do to help you? You can't do anything Brent but let nature take it's course. Brent I love you so much and I don't want to lose you. Honey what are you talking about? Honey you're not going to lose me. I will never let you go. Cat are you ok? I'm find Sam. Sam! What is it Cat? Sam I need to tell you something. I don't know how to say this, say what Cat? Sam I'm seven months pregnant. What you just say? Sam please don't be mad at me? Cat I'm not mad , I'm just disappointed that you didn't tell me. I was scared that you didn't love me anymore, cat you're my sister and I will always love you don't you ever forget that,

Matt what's going on down there? Sam is downstairs talking to Blues. Mom how can a man sit there and do that to his step daughter? Matt there's things that you don't that exist. I try to protect you from. Brent and Matt looked at Honey and wonder what she meant by that/ sam ran upstairs and said Miss. Chase I think you better come downstairs quick it's Blues something is wrong with her. Cat made this weird scream and Honey ran downstairs and she could see a puddle of blood coming from Blues. Matt bring me some warm water and a pot Brent run upstairs in get me some towels Blues is going to have this baby right here. Matt came back with the warm water and Brent came back with the towels. Blues made this horrible sound and Sam started to panic.

Sam, look at me, look, at me. Sam ok I need you to stay come because I'm going to need your help. I need for you to keep your sister come while I deliver your sister baby. Can you do that for me Sam? Yes ma'am I can do that. Blues listen to me on the count of three I want you to push, do you hear me? Yes ma'am ok on my count push ok one, two, three push, push, Blues, push. Blues made this horrible sound Blues you're doing well I can see the head on my count I want you to push ok Blues shook her head. Blues get ready to push on my count, are you ready? Yes ma'am ok Blues on my count one, two, three, push, push Blues!

I can't it hurts so badly, Blues listen to me I'm not trying to frighten you but if you don't get this baby out you and the baby might die. I want you to push as hard as you can. Blues push, push Blues! She made this sound then next thing you know the baby came out crying.

Honey took the baby and cut the umbilical cord and wipe the blood from the baby. Blues made that same terrible sound again mom what's happening? She's going back into labor Blues I want you to push as hard as you can and Sam said she's burning up really badly something is wrong I can feel and my bones. Something is wrong with her. Sam, come down call 9-1-1 Ms. Chase I'm not leaving my sister side she's all I got. Matt, go call 9-1-1 ok mom. Blues can you hear me? If you can I need for you to push as hard as you can on my count I want you to push ok, ok Blues are you ready? Yes ma'am one, two, three, push Blues! Push and Blues pushed as hard as she could and the baby came out crying. Honey took the baby girl and cut the umbilical cord and wipe the blood from the baby. Blues, Blues, can you hear me? She stop breathing. Sam, what are you doing? I'm doing CPR my sister is not going to die on me.

Sam put his hand on his sisters' chest and he started to push down as Honey gave her mouth to mouth. Ms. Chase what's wrong why isn't she breathing? Sam, I don't know I never saw a case like this when a woman stops breathing from delivering a baby. Sam kept pumping into Blues chests when her hand moved. Blues said to Sam I saw mom Sam. What are you talking about Cat mis alive we just saw her yesterday? Sam, I saw mom, mom is dead Sam and she went back out. Cat, Cat, Cat, wake up Cat. Honey I need to talk to you right now Brent can you see I'm and a middle of something. Honey I need to talk to you right now. Sam, I'll be right back Honey got up from the floor and went over to Brent what is it?

Who was that on the phone? It was Rick Brent what is it. You're scaring me? Kate is dead they just find here over on Fifth Street and a garbage can with her. With what Brent? With her head cut off Honey ran into the bathroom in puke into the toilet. Honey is you all right? Brent what I 'm I going to do? I don't know Honey I feel for those kids Brent how can I tell Sam that his sister was right? In cases like this

I'll do it, I'll tell Sam his mom is dead, but understand how did she know? How did she know her mother was dead Brent? I don't know Honey. Mom and Brent the ambulance is here. Honey! Brent, give me just a minute to fresh myself up. Brent went out and met with the pharmacist and Honey said Kate why did you go get yourself killed? I need you more than I ever need you now, mom are you ok? I'm find Matt. Matt, where is Sam? He's talking to Brent mom. Mom what is going on? Honey said too here son that Sam and Blues mother was murder tonight they found her body over on Fifth Street behind a garbage can her head was dispute from her body. Matt said what, mom I think I'm going to be sick.

Sam had let out this horrible cry when he heard the news about his mother. Sam got into the back of the ambulance with his sister and they drove to Cedars Hospital.