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"Jaylin, Davin, its good to see you again." Dr. Roberts smiled as she walked into the exam room. "How are we feeling today?"

"Good." Jaylin smiled. "I really haven't ever felt better in my life."

"I'm just gonna do a quick exam and then we'll get the ultrasound set up. Okay?"

Jaylin nodded and lay back on the table. Davin held her hand as the doctor did the exam. He didn't so much care for this part, but he was going to be there to support Jaylin. They had barely been apart since she had returned to him. In the 5 weeks since the first visit with Dr. Roberts they had begun buying things for the baby, Jaylin was getting the beginnings of a baby belly, and they had learned that she was ¼ were. It wasn't much, but it was better than nothing and Jaylin was excited about researching her grandparents and discovering exactly what she was. All Dr. Roberts could tell her was it was probably some type of cat.

"Okay, everything looks good so far. Let me listen." She moved her stethoscope across Jaylin's stomach, listening for the baby's heartbeat. "I think…" She trailed off, then smiled. "Well let's have a look."

"What? What do you think?" Jaylin asked.

"I think you might be carrying twins."

"Twins?" Both Jaylin and Davin said at the same time.

"Yes. But let's not get excited until we see for sure." She squirted some gel on Jaylin's exposed stomach and ran the ultrasound wand over it. "Can you hear that? Two heart beats." She said after a moment. "Here's baby 1's head." She pointed to the screen, and then moved the wand some. "And…there's baby 2. Definitely twins."

"Davin! Twins!" Jaylin squeezed his hand.

"My God…" Davin moved closer to the screen. "Where are the heads again?"

Dr. Roberts pointed them out again. "And here are some feet, and a hand."

"Can you tell what they are?" Jaylin asked.

"I'll try." She moved the wand around some more. "Not this time I'm afraid. Everything looks good though. They look healthy, they're the right size, you're gaining weight correctly and everything else seems to be going well. I think you have someone watching out for you." The doctor switched the machine off after printing out a few images of the tiny fetuses growing inside Jaylin. After a quick talk about how having two changes things, Jaylin and Davin left happy and more than a little surprised.

5 months later, March

Jaylin waked around the nearly finished nursery, running her hands over everything. She opened the closet and looked at all of the little clothes, some blue, some pink. She was having one boy and one girl. She sat in one of the rocking chairs and ran her hands over her huge stomach, feeling the babies move inside her. This wasn't where she had pictured herself, not in a million years. In only just a little over a year her life had been completely flipped upside down. First, she lost her parents and brother. Then she became a vampire's mate, befriended a were tiger, was kidnapped by a family of werewolves, fell in love with one of one of the wolves, was taken back by the vampire and then returned to her wolf. Now, in only a month, she was going to have twins. Not just any twin babies, twins that would be part wolf.

"There you are." Davin poked his head in the door, interrupting her thoughts. "What are ya doin?"

"Just thinking." She smiled. "Come try out your chair."

He walked over and sat down in the rocking chair next to hers. She held out her hand for him to hold.

"So what were you thinking about?" He asked, kissing her knuckles.

"My life. Where it's been and where it's going."


"And I think everything's going to be okay."

"Me too." He sighed, leaning his head back against the chair. "Kenyon's ball is tonight for his new mate."

"I know. Gwydion wants to try to sneak in; he said he misses the excitement."

Gwydion had been safely hidden within Davin's walls for nearly a month and he was getting stir crazy. Almost as much as Jaylin, who had been sentenced to bed rest since before Christmas.

"Gwydion doesn't need to draw any attention to himself, especially anywhere near Kenyon."

"I told him that. And besides, I threatened to go into labor if he left and then he wouldn't be there."

"Oh you're evil." Davin laughed.

"Ooo." She pressed her hand over the lower part of her stomach. "I don't know about that, but your babies are."

"Kicking?" He reached over to feel his babies' movements. The tightness of Jaylin's stomach surprised him. "Jaylie?" He stood up, moving in front of her.

"I'm okay." As quickly as it came, it passed.

"Was that a contraction?"

"I don't know."

"I think it was."

"It's too early."

Davin felt a sickening sense of déjà vu. Gina had said the same thing when she went into labor with Angelina. Everything had been going so well with Jaylin, she was healthy, and the babies were healthy…

"I think we should call Dr. Roberts."


"Stay here." Davin jumped up and ran for the phone. Within an hour they were speeding on their way to the hospital. After an exam, Dr. Roberts told them that Jaylin was indeed in labor.

"But it's too early."

"It could be hours. Right now, we're gonna focus on keeping you as comfortable as possible. This is going to monitor the babies' heart rate." She explained as a nurse wrapped a fetal monitor around Jaylin. "We're gonna start an IV just in case. You just calm down and relax. Everything has gone well so far, there's no reason to believe that's changing now. We talked about this. It's normal for twins to be delivered early. How you feeling Daddy?"

"Uh, scared." Davin admitted, accepting the chair a nurse offered him.

"Don't be." Dr. Roberts smiled. "We are going to take great care of Jaylin and your babies."

With the help of some pain medication, Jaylin managed to get a few hours sleep through the night. Davin on the other hand barely slept at all during the 27 hours leading up to the birth of the first twin.

"Jaylin, its right there, I can see the head. One more big push."

Jaylin groaned, pushing with all of her strength.

"It's a boy!" Dr. Roberts said, holding up the baby for Jaylin and Davin to see.

"Jaylie he's beautiful!" Davin kissed her. Jaylin smiled weakly.

"Do you want to cut the cord Dad?"

"Yeah." He went over to where the nurses and the doctor stood. Just as he clipped the cord between the clamps, Jaylin let out a cry of pain.

"Looks like we have baby number two on the way." Dr. Roberts handed the baby boy to one of the nurses and took her position at Jaylin's feet.

"I can't…" Jaylin said after a few moments of pushing. "I can't anymore…"

"Jaylin you have to push." Dr. Roberts said. "You can do it Jaylin. Come on."

"Push Jaylie." Davin said, brushing her hair off of her face. "Come on baby."

"No… I can't." She said, her face contorted in pain and her voice muffled from the oxygen mask that had been placed over her mouth and nose.

"Jaylin you have to push this baby out. Just a little more I promise."

A strong contraction came and Jaylin bore down, pushing as hard as she could.

"Good job, Jaylin, its really close."

With one last push and a scream, Jaylin gave birth to the smaller twin, the baby girl.

"Jaylie look, at our little girl!" Davin turned just in time to see Jaylin's eyes roll back and her head to loll to one side. "Jaylie? Jaylie?" Dr. Roberts quickly clipped the baby girl's cord and handed the baby to a nurse.

"Jaylin honey, stay with us." Dr Roberts checked her vitals. When Jaylin's heart monitor started to beep wildly, the doctor started yelling out orders to the nurses.

"What's happening? Jaylie? Baby? Dr. Roberts, what's going on?"

"You have to leave now sir." Two nurses grabbed Davin's arms and tried to lead him out of the room.

"No! I want to be with Jaylin! What's going on?"

"Sir, we don't want to have to call security." The nurses practically pushed him out of the room.

"Damn it! Don't do this to me!" he pounded on the door. A security guard came around the corner.

"Sir, I've been called to escort you to the waiting room."

"My wife is in there and something's wrong!"

"I'm sorry sir, bur you really do have to come with me." Angrily, Davin followed the guard.

Two hours later he anxiously paced the waiting room floor. Everyone was there with him, but all he cared about was Jaylin and the babies.

"Davin?" Dr. Roberts came into the room.

"Is she okay? And my babies?" He rushed over to her.

The doctor looked around the room then said, "Let's step into the hallway."

"Doctor, please tell me what happened." He said once they were outside the waiting room. His voice was strained and Dr. Roberts didn't miss the tear stains on his face.

"The babies are fine. They're small, but we expected that. Overall, though, they're in great condition."

A small amount of relief showed on Davin's face. "What about Jaylin?"

"There were some complications."

"I gathered that."

"We knew the delivery would be hard on her."

"Dr. Roberts…"

"She's stable, but weak. Her body was simply exhausted after almost 28 hours in labor. The first twin took most of her strength. The second one nearly killed her. She was bleeding and we had trouble stopping it. We're doing everything we can for her right now and we have no reason to believe that she won't pull through this."

"Can I…can I see her?"

"Yes, for a minute."

"Is she awake?"

"In and out, we have her on some pretty strong pain medicine."

"Okay. I want to see her now."

The doctor nodded and led Davin to Jaylin. She lay on the bed, IVs in her arms and the heart monitor beating steadily. There were little oxygen tubes in her nose strapped around her ears. She was pale and incredibly fragile looking.

"Oh God Jaylie." He rushed over to the bedside. "Baby I'm here." He gently stroked her hair.

"Dylan." She murmured.

"No, it's Davin, honey, I'm here."

"The babies. Dylan and Isabella."

"Oh, Jaylie, don't worry about that now." Davin kissed her forehead. "We'll have plenty of time to name them."

"They're okay?" She looked up at him, the desperate need to hear that her babies were okay was written clearly on her face.

"Yes, they're perfect."

"I'm not Gina."

"I know honey."

"Don't lie to me."

"I'm not lying to you."


"You should rest now."

"Dylan and Isabella."

"Go to sleep now baby."

"Okay." Jaylin closed her eyes. A few seconds later her breathing slowed and she was asleep. Dr. Roberts came and asked if he'd like to see the twins. He followed her to the nursery where he was allowed to hold each of them.

"Dylan." He said softly to the baby he cradled in his arms. "Your momma says she wants your name to be Dylan. What do you think?" The baby yawned. "Yeah, I'm tired too. I'm gonna hold her sister now, okay?" Davin set the boy down in his plexi-glass crib and picked up the other twin. "And she wants you to be Isabella. That's a princess name." Davin laughed softly. "And you'll be my little princess." The tiny baby looked up at her father as if she understood that she would have him wrapped around her finger for the rest of her life. Davin gently set her down in the crib beside her brother. "My beautiful babies." He leaned down and kissed each of their heads. They were small, Dylan was 6 pounds 10 ounces and Isabella 5 pounds 2 ounces, but they were healthy. Jaylin was weak, but Dr. Roberts assured him that she would make a full recovery. He left the nursery and went back to the waiting room. He would bring everyone back. It was time to show off his babies.

The End

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