I've heard what you had to say, Momma. I've heard every single thing you've ever had to say. But are you ready to listen to me, Momma? Are you ever going to listen to me? Are you ever, Momma?

There's this wall, around my heart, Momma. I don't know for sure who put it there. You, me, someone elseā€¦ I don't know. But it's there, Momma. It's a good, hard wall, tall and solid, complete. It keeps you out, Momma. I like that. I like that it keeps you out, not that you care, because you hurt me. But Momma, it's locked me in now, and I don't know how to get out.

Are you listening to me, Momma? No. You can't hear me. I'm yelling Momma. I'm SCREAMING Momma. Can you tell the difference?

I'm here, Momma. I live with you. Do you know me? No. Do you even care? No. I'm a person, Momma. I have feelings, Momma. I hurt too! Did you know that Momma? Do you know I'm tired of being your toy? That I'm tired of taking your shit? DO YOU KNOW WHAT I DO TO STOP THIS PAIN?!

No. No you don't, Momma. You don't care, Momma. You hate me, Momma. Yes you do. I know it.

"But I've never said 'I hate you.'" You'd say. Well, yes you have, Momma. Don't you remember? A few years ago, in 7th grade, you screamed in my face that you hated everything about me and sped off in the car. You left me all alone, Momma. It was storming. I was so scared, Momma. And you didn't come back for hours.

Do you remember? Momma? Do you care? I do. I do remember Momma. And it still hurts Momma. And even if you had never "actually" said those words, Momma you have told me you hate me. You show me everyday. With your looks, your sneers, your slaps, your jibes, your knives, your yells.

I've done everything I could to make you love me, Momma. And it's only made you hate me more.

Well, guess what Momma? I'm talking now. Yes, I'm talking now and soon I'm gonna make you listen. I'm not taking this anymore, Momma. I'm going to make you all pay. All of you. I will. No one can stop me. Because I HATE YOU MOMMA! I HATE YOU AND YOU WON'T EVEN LISTEN!

I'll make you listen. You will hear me Momma. If it's the last thing I ever do.