you think you know someone
how they think
what's going on in their head
how they act
how they react
you know them inside out
nothing they could ever do
would shock or surprise you

of course you know them
you've known them all your life
and nothing they could do
could shock or surprise you

and then something like this happens
and your world is shaken up
you can't understand it
its not like them at all
its completely out of character
there must be some other reason why
but you can't explain it
so maybe this is them
maybe you just never knew them at all
maybe your idea of them is all wrong

they've done the things you knew they never would
and you know there were circumstances
and you know they're sorry
and you know you should forgive them
But how can you
to forgive them you'd have to know them
and you thought you did
but now you know you don't

And the worst thing is that it's not just a stranger
or an acquaintance
or a family member
or an old friend
he worst thing is that its the one person
who you knew through and through

And the worst thing is
that its you